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Imprint Plus Is #1 for Hospitality Name Badges

We don’t want to brag but did you know that 8600 hotels use the Imprint Plus Reusable Name Badge System? We are the preferred supplier for 92% of the largest hotels in the world* and count hospitality giants such as Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Marriott Hotels International, and the InterContinental Hotels Group amongst our clients.

Imprint plus offers a wide range of hospitality and hotel name tage and name badges for receptionists, front desk staff, housekeepers, janirots, concierge staff, waiters,. bartenders and other hotel staff.

Why are we the industry leader in name tags and signage for hospitality organizations? We have designed a patented, reusable name badge and signage system that perfectly meets the needs of the hospitality industry by:

  • Enabling brand consistency
    Creating a consistent and polished badge design in line with your brand that can be used across franchises
  • Creating personalized designs
    Enabling name badges to be reused and customized for new and promoted staff members quickly and easily
  • Being cost-effective
    Enabling reusable signage for buffets, customer service desks, and other areas to be updated quickly and affordably
  • Enhancing customers’ experience
    Facilitating connections between staff and guests enhancing the overall guest experience. Badges and signs can be used to communicate promotions, essential information and special events to guests.
  • Saving you time
    Simplifying the administration of your company’s name badge and signage program
  • Providing customer service
    Providing personal customer service to assist you with anything and everything
  • Guaranteeing quality
    Offering one year’s limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
reusable club name tags are beneficial to your business in three main ways. The first way reusable name badges benefit sports organizations is through saving money and reducing costs. The second way resuable seasonal resort name badges can benefit your team is by engaging customers. The ability to personalize resort and club name badges is the third most popular benefit of this industry leading badge design.

Did you know we’re eco-friendly?

We’ve noticed that many hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts are going green! Of course, your eco-consciousness is important to your guests, but in many cases it’s also economical. That’s also the case with Imprint Plus™ product lines – the fact that they’re green can save you money. Not only do our lean manufacturing processes reduce production costs, reusing the name badge components from employee to employee can bring your cost per unit down as low as 40¢ cents per badge.

If you would like to find out more about our lean manufacturing processes and proactive green policies please read our eco-overview.


Imprint Plus is one of the best companies that allow you to produce quality personalized name tags for all of your employees. It is no surprise that they are the preferred partner of most major hotel chains. I have used Imprint Plus for years and their name tag systems are the best and most professional ones that I have come across.”

– Brandon, rated Imprint Plus 5/5 on Trustpilot

“I think the re-usable badges from Imprint Plus are incredibly efficient, professional looking, and the ability to make them in seconds has allowed me to have name badges readily available to new employees as well as those who forget them. We are always compliant! As well, the employees really appreciate the fact that they have personalized name badges that look permanent, great morale booster! They have truly changed my life and the way I am able to utilize this great name badge system.”

– Cindy Bagwell, General Manager, Comfort Inn Cross Lanes, West Virginia

Recommended this company to a few of my past colleagues and Imprint Plus was able to successfully advise on the right solution for their application. The sales team understands their product, its benefits and the markets they are entering. I would not hesitate to recommend Imprint Plus.

–  Joe D, rated Imprint Plus 5/5 on Trustpilot

“Very easy to use, extremely efficient system, easy as 1-2-3! Love the look of the name badge, and wears exceptionally well.”

– Gina Pierson, HR Manager, Hilton Minneapolis

*Source: Smith Travel Research (September 30, 2010)



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