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Eco-friendly name badge solutions for parks and recreational facilities

Supporting the environment and green manufacturing policies are at the heart of Imprint Plus, so we’re proud to supply name badges and signage solutions for fellow nature lovers. Our badges can be seen in provincial parks, zoos, aquariums, campgrounds, amusement parks, aquatic centres, fairs, school holiday programs, and other recreational facilities across North America.

Our patented reusable name badge system allows you to personalize name tags to meet your business’ needs and connect with your customers. This system was designed to reduce wasteful single-use alternatives, whilst also reducing the cost of your name badge program. Imprint Plus offers a wide variety of name tag sizes, shapes, materials and colours to choose from. Whether you’re an active professional that requires name badges that stay in place all day or rust-proof designs for outdoor work, Imprint Plus can help you.

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Our reusable name badge system is famous for:

  • Customized Designs
    Enabling name badges to be reused and customized for new and promoted staff members quickly and easily right in your office
  • Brand Consistency
    Creating a consistent and polished badge design in line with your brand that can be used across multiple locations
  • Strong Fasteners
    Creating non-slip designs for the active professional
  • Long-life
    Using rust-proof materials for those who work outdoors or in humid environments
  • Enhanced Badges
    Enabling additional IDs and licences to be attached to the name badge with our accessories
  • Engaging Customers
    Facilitating connections between staff and patients enhancing the overall patient experience
  • Customer Service
    Providing personal customer service to assist you with anything and everything
  • Guaranteeing quality
    Offering one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


“[The badges] are uniform at all branches. Very easy to print. Extremely professional looking. Great magnetic hold with no pins holes or sticky residue on clothes. Always legible. A great company to work with. Provides supplies quickly. Pleasant sales representatives and not pushy. Thanks for all your help.”

– Donna, YMCA Seattle

“Cheyenne Mountain Zoo just switched over to Imprint Plus name badges for our volunteers and they are great! The plastic inserts make it much more convenient to change a name or title without having to purchase another name tag.”
– Megan Hudak, Volunteer Services Manager, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (2011)

The Imprint plus name badge system has been great for us.  It has given our [park] staff a very professional look and has been versatile with every type of job here at the Zoo.   It is easy to implement and use and the folks in the home office have been there for any questions.  If you have 10 employees or 1,000 this [name] badge system will work for you.

– Gregg Hudson, Executive Director, Dallas Zoo & The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park

“…[W]e printed [name] badges yesterday and found the system very user friendly. Our staff love the new look and it makes them feel ‘special’. They also like that they are re-usable.”

– Denice Neal, Manager, Coppell Aquatic & Recreation Center

The new [name] badges are proving to be a great success!  Not only are they easier to produce than the ones were using previously, they also look much more professional.  All in all, we are very pleased with them!
– Phillipa Weston, Human Resources Manager, Twycross Zoo East Midland Zoological Society (2010)




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Call 1-855-286-2158 or


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