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Imprint Plus has simplified re-printable name badge systems for resorts and clubs across the US

Imprint Plus™ offers a wide selection of name badge and signage solutions for sports organisations, recreational associations, professional clubs, as well as resorts and holiday destinations. We’re proud to be the preferred name badge supplier of the PGA Tour, Boca West Country Club, Hammock Beach Resort, Bonita Bay Club, Whistler Golf Course, world famous ski resorts, Spa Laterra, and more.

This reusable club and seasonal resort name tag is a 1" by 3" badge that can be customized to your business.

How did Imprint Plus become the industry leader in name tags and signs for resorts and clubs? Imprint Plus™ recognized that you work in a fast-paced industry with high seasonal turnover and tight budgets, so we designed a reusable name badge and signage system which meets your needs by:

  • Keeping costs low
    No need to order new badges for each new or promoted employee, simply print a new, personalized badge insert and enjoy the financial and environmental savings.
  • Making the creation process quick and easy
    Our NamePrint Graphics© Design Software is intuitive to use and allows you to print new inserts of a professional quality right in your office. Not to mention the fact that our signage and badges can be assembled in just ten seconds.
  • Providing exceptional customer service
    Our badge and signage experts are happy to assist you with everything and anything.
  • Enhancing badge designs
    Providing badge accessories which can instantly introduce your staff members to their customers, highlighting their specialties and creating a valuable connection.
  • Guaranteeing quality
    Offering one year’s limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials
reusable club name tags are beneficial to your business in three main ways. The first way reusable name badges benefit sports organizations is through saving money and reducing costs. The second way resuable seasonal resort name badges can benefit your team is by engaging customers. The ability to personalize resort and club name badges is the third most popular benefit of this industry leading badge design.


The staff at Imprint Plus are extremely efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. They have given us great service and have gone to extensive lengths to troubleshoot a small problem we were having. We have used this business for numerous years now and they have always been great!”– Talking Rock Golf Resort, 5/5 review on Trustpilot

“LOVE our name badge kit! Works perfect for all employees — professional and quick so everyone has a badge on their first day of work! Your company was easy to work with and addressed all questions quickly. Your customer service was exceptional — which unfortunately is not always the case in many organizations in today’s world. Thanks again for a great product and great service! We look forward to working with you for a long time.”Diane King, Springfield/Route 66 KOA

“Since changing to Imprint Plus, making nametags has been easier than ever before! Not only do the nametags look very professional, they are also easy to produce.  Lakeview Resort trusts Imprint Plus because they fill orders fast and ship quickly, while providing the best possible value to customers.”– Lindsey Helfer, Marketing Manager, Lakeview Golf Resort & Spa

“I completed our first batch of name badge badges (47) last week and was very impressed with the ease of use-basically, if you can type, [then] you can create name badges! Before we went to Imprint Plus I was typing all the name and titles and bringing them to our local printers-this saved a step and I don’t have to wait on the printer anymore. Plus, they are much better quality-I love the plastic cover and the fact that they are reusable!”– Kandice Sage, Director of Club Accounting, Piedmont Club

The JCC of Greater Vancouver has relied on Imprint Plus to provide high quality, professional, economical [club] name tags for our staff and volunteers. The company [Imprint Plus] has exceeded our expectations in customer service and attention to detail”– Rick Nelson, Executive Director, The JCC of Greater Vancouver


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Call 1-855-286-2158 or


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