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Club and Seasonal Resort name badge customers grew by 19% over fiscal year 2010!

Silver Oval Club Name Badge Sample

JCC Oval club name badge

One of the main issues that many clubs and resorts face is seasonality, or the sudden influx of more staff, members, and guests for one period of the year. Turnover costs can take a toll on budgets season after season. Vendors who supply clubs and seasonal resorts of this type need to consider this unique business model if they want to succeed in the industry.

For instance, a permanently printed or engraved club name badge simply does not work in this seasonal environment. New employees join the team every season, and often don’t return the following year. A different type of reusable name badge that is long term, but also flexible, is needed for clubs and seasonal resort businesses (including parks and recreation services) that experience high staff turnover.

The reusable club name badge from Imprint Plus™ directly addresses the unique needs of golf clubs, country clubs, ski resorts and other seasonal clubs and resorts. Our printable name badges are reusable by design. No adhesives are used with our name badge system, so assembling, disassembling, and reusing the club name badges is easy and organic. Personalized, custom club name badges are also created instantly with any PC and printer. This eliminates the name badge middleman, thereby drastically reducing start-up costs, errors, costs and lead times.

Imprint Plus™ is honored to count 842 wonderful seasonal clubs and ski resorts as customers. Key Canadian and US Club and Seasonal Resort name badge customers include the Boca West Country Club, Hammock Beach Resort, Bonita Bay Club, Whistler Golf Course, PGA TOUR, Spa Laterra, and more!

Why Imprint Plus™ Club Name Badges Are Ideal for Clubs & Seasonal Resorts

Imprint Plus™ offers a wide range of reusable club name badges that will allow you to do more with your ID name tag program than you ever dreamed possible:

  • Create an exclusive look and feel
  • Ensure consistent branding across the club(s)
  • Accommodate high staff turnover
  • Strengthen staff-member relationships
  • Add polish to uniforms
  • Welcome new team members on first days
  • Recognize outstanding employees
  • Market special events

Club Name Badge Benefits & Features

Your new club name badge system will include so many benefits and features that will work well within your industry. Here are a few of our reusable name badge cost-saving benefits:

  • Premium quality
  • Look and finish on par with permanent name badge options
  • Reusable name badges from employee-to-employee
  • Reusable from season-to-season
  • Reduced cost per badge
  • Simpler administration
  • In-house, instant personalization
  • No middleman; no lead times
  • Durability including some water resistance
  • Extremely strong magnetic badge holders plus pins, clips and pocket fasteners for every type of employee
  • Name badge inserts accommodate 3 lines of text, making room for marketing messages *size varies
  • Name badge accessories available for employee recognition and seasonal messages
  • Full control to manage look of club name badges across multiple locations, including volunteers, students, and staff
  • Employee recognition badges and marketing add-ons are available on both stock and custom products

Reusable food service signage is also available.

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Testimonials from Our Imprint Plus™ Club Name Badge Customers

After 25 years of working in the hospitality industry, which required me to wear a name badge, finally, one that stays put! Starting out at the front desk to the Sales department and everywhere in between, my life of wearing name badges will be with me until the very end. I can finally can say, what a relief it is know that my name badge “STAYS PUT.” My name badge to me is like my second smile and love the fact that your [club] name badge finally stays where it belongs, on my lapel and not on the floor.  Thank you for creating this piece, I truly love it and happy to have it a part of my smile!”

– Vincent Ziga, Director of Sales & Marketing, Union League Club of Chicago

“I completed our first batch of name badge badges (47) last week and was very impressed with the ease of use-basically, if you can type, [then] you can create name badges! Before we went to Imprint Plus I was typing all the name and titles and bringing them to our local printers-this saved a step and I don’t have to wait on the printer anymore. Plus, they are much better quality-I love the plastic cover and the fact that they are reusable!”

– Kandice Sage, Director of Club Accounting, Piedmont Club

“I wanted to thank you for the speedy response and delivery of the last order placed for the club. I like recognizing exceptional service and have always received that and more working with you and the company. I have actually recommended Imprint Plus to a few people I know so hopefully you guys will get some more business your way. Again, thank you for all your help and outstanding customer service you have shown myself and our company.”

– Michael A. Cuñes, Beach Desk Supervisor, Bel-Air-Bay-Club

“The JCC of Greater Vancouver has relied on Imprint Plus to provide high quality, professional, economical [club] name tags for our staff and volunteers. The company [Imprint Plus] has exceeded our expectations in customer service and attention to detail”

– Rick Nelson, Executive Director, The JCC of Greater Vancouver

The [club] name tags for the RCMI Pistol Club have been a success, visually and practically. The layout and use of the full color crest got great compliments. The members wear them at all our shoots and this facilitates interaction among them, especially those who only attend sporadically.”

– Ian Rankin, Royal Canadian Military Institute Pistol Club

Testimonials from Imprint Plus™ Seasonal Club and Resort Customers

“LOVE the [KOA] name badge kit! Works perfect for all employees — professional and quick so everyone has a [name] badge on their first day of work! Your company was easy to work with and addressed all questions quickly. Your customer service was exceptional — which unfortunately is not always the case in many organizations in today’s world. Thanks again for a great product and great service! We look forward to working with you for a long time.”

Diane King, Springfield/Route 66 KOA

“Since changing to Imprint Plus, making nametags has been easier than ever before! Not only do the nametags look very professional, they are also easy to produce.  Lakeview Resort trusts Imprint Plus because they fill orders fast and ship quickly, while providing the best possible value to customers.”

– Lindsey Helfer, Marketing Manager, Lakeview Golf Resort & Spa

“The [resort] name tags worked out great for us. I love how easy and fast it is to make them and they look very professional.”

– Gige Hill-Gaskill, The Tyler Place Family Resort

“I love the name tags we have at Royal New Kent. Your company did a great job. I have 4 other courses that are interested.”

– Chris Johnson, General Manager, Royal New Kent Golf Course

“The [name] tags are awesome! The ease [with which] they are able to be changed is excellent, and very professional looking!”

– Chris Near, King’s Riding Golf Club

Suggested Club Name Badge Products for Clubs and Seasonal Resorts

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