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Name Badges for independent retail stores and franchises

Imprint Plus specializes in name badges for retail businesses, ensuring badges maintain brand consistency across franchises but are easily updated as your team evolves. The right name badge instantly introduces your staff members to their customers, highlighting their specialties and creating a valuable connection.

We don’t mean to name drop but we’re proud to have Old Navy, Macy’s, Walgreens, and Tiffany & Co among our clients. We’ve worked together to create badges which promote customer engagement within their storefronts. Old Navy uses graphics on their retail name badges to highlight employee talents and start a conversation. Macy’s uses name badge color coding to differentiate between Associates and Managers allowing easy identification of stakeholders. Walgreens recently upgraded to a larger retail name badge size to incorporate employee recognition on to the name badge. We even had our artists match that famous Tiffany & Co. blue perfectly for their retail name badge.

Why are we the industry leader in name badges and signage for such prestigious retail organizations? We have designed a patented, reusable badge system which perfectly meets the needs of the retail industry by:

  • Creating a professional look and feel
    Creating a consistent and polished badge design in line with your brand that can be used across multiple franchises.
  • Personalizing badges and signage
    Enabling name badges to be reused and customized for new and promoted staff members quickly and easily in your office. Your days of waiting for badges to be created and shipped to you are over.
  • Enhancing designs
    Starting conversations between customers and staff with our do-it-yourself badge talkers, which can be easily added to name badges. Create your own designs to alert customers to your promotions and transform your name badges into an advertising opportunity.
  • Enhancing employee recognition programs
    Recognising valuable staff members with reward medallions which attach to our name badges.
  • Providing a helping hand
    Providing customer service to assist you with everything and anything.
  • Guaranteeing quality
    Offering a year’s limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.
reusable club name tags are beneficial to your business in three main ways. The first way reusable name badges benefit sports organizations is through saving money and reducing costs. The second way resuable seasonal resort name badges can benefit your team is by engaging customers. The ability to personalize resort and club name badges is the third most popular benefit of this industry leading badge design.


Effortless and efficient!”

– Mario Martinez rated Imprint Plus 5/5 on Trustpilot

“I want to tell how pleased I am with Imprint Plus. Your re-useable name badge concept is wonderful. The attractive professional design of the name badge was a big hit with all of our C-store employees and managers. Not only did it improve our image, it has saved us money right out of the gate. The complete price for your reusable name badge was cheaper than the “throw away” style that we were previously buying. The personal service throughout the design and order process made it very easy to do business with you. I have recommended your product to many of my colleagues in the retail or service industry.”– Troy Winger, Operations Manager, Coffee Cup Fuel Stops

“We had been using another company for our name badges for a number of years and were starting to notice that the costs were rising. It was almost as much for shipping as it was for the name badges. Our dealer came across the [reusable name badge] at a convention and thought it looked like an excellent idea. We placed our order and received the package… all I had to do was load the disc…and I was off and running. It was so easy. I could print off new name badges for all of our employees in about a half hour. I had the badges all assembled and handed out by the end of the day. We opted for gold for our managers and silver for our regular staff; that has worked out great. When anyone gets a promotion or changes department, all I do is either change the color of the badge or type a new name/position. We also went with the magnet as many of our staff were breaking the pins on the old badges. So far, I have not replaced one magnet. They are very strong and are holding up well, even after going through the wash.– Kathy Balogh, Canadian Tire Store #110, Tillsonburg, Ontario




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