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Imprint Plus™ Retail Name Badges
The Gold Standard

Imprint Plus™ name badges for retail stores have truly become the gold standard for top retailers worldwide!

Fantastic Sams medium sized retail name badge

Brand consistency can start with something as small as your custom retail name badge. Top retailers know a name badge matters for both their brand message and their sales. When your customers walk into your store, what will convert them to a sale?

Retail employee name tags may seem like a small detail that isn’t worth focusing on, but often a small change can make such a huge impact – something that banking and financial services understand all too well. Knowing the name of the person you’re talking to can create that transformational moment that will turn him or her into a customer for life.

The reusable name badge from Imprint Plus™ helps retailers promote professionalism, while telling customers you are both polished and approachable. Reusable name badges for retail stores are stylish, but the name and brand are always legible. Internally, you won’t believe how easy the name badge system is to administer and maintain. Additionally, magnetic retail name badges help employees avoid putting pin holes in their clothing!

Imprint Plus™ is the #1 name badge supplier in Canada and the US and currently boasts 2399 retail badge customers and counting. Key retail name badge customers include: Macy’s, Inc., Walgreens, Bloomingdales, Tiffany & Co., The UPS Store, Virgin Mobile, Hallmark Gold Crown, HMS Host, Sprint USA, Charlotte Russe, Holt Renfrew, and many, many more.

Why Imprint Plus™ Retail Name Badges Are So Successful

Macy’s medium white retail name badge

Professional and flexible are the two top reasons our printable retail store name tags are so successful. Retailers are able to update their custom name badges as needed to represent their ever-evolving brands. You can create personalized retail name badges as simple or as fun as you want them to be!

We’re so proud of what our retail customers have done with our printable retail name badges. To name just a few: Old Navy uses graphics on their retail name badges to highlight employee talents; Macy’s uses name badge color coding to differentiate between Associates and Managers; Walgreens recently upgraded to a larger retail name badge size to incorporate employee recognition on to the name badge; and our artists matched that famous blue perfectly for the Tiffany & Co. retail name badge.

Retail Badge Benefits

Convenience – Retail name badges can be created on the spot at any location

Money Saving – Name badge components are reusable from employee-to-employee

Brand Building – Helps build brand and increase customer loyalty

Exceptional Value – Costs just 25¢ when you reuse for maximum value

Eco-Friendly – Less consumer waste and we use lean name badge manufacturing principles

Top Sellers

Imprint Plus™ Retail Name Badge Testimonials

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent service and products. Your [retail] name badge system has simplified the process of producing a high quality name badge for all of our associates. Along with the time savings, there is a cost savings to us, as these can be reused for new associates. The cost is further reduced by the fact that we can create 20 of these in 30 minutes or less. We used to engrave and that took 5 minutes per badge. We are very happy with your product and anticipate a long-term business relationship with Imprint Plus!”

–  Joseph P. Gibson, Training Manager, Kerr Drug, Inc.

“[W]e have just finished the company wide roll out (almost 600) with the new name badges.  We have several different companies each with their own logo and…[the badges] came out Great! [T]hank you for all of your help and support.”

– B. J. Dunlap, Human Resources Director, The Kent Companies (2011)

“I want to tell how pleased I am with Imprint Plus. Your re-useable name badge concept is wonderful. The attractive professional design of the name badge was a big hit with all of our C-store employees and managers. Not only did it improve our image, it has saved us money right out of the gate. The complete price for your re-useable name badge was cheaper than the “throw away” style that we were previously buying. The personal service throughout the design and order process made it very easy to do business with you. I am really looking forward to the savings my company will achieve year after year by using your [retail] name badge program. I have recommended your product to many of my colleagues in the retail or service industry.”

– Troy Winger, Operations Manager, Coffee Cup Fuel Stops (2011)

“We had been using another company for our name badges for a number of years and were starting to notice that the costs were rising. It was almost as much for shipping as it was for the name badges. Our dealer came across the [reusable name badge] at a convention and thought it looked like an excellent idea. We placed our order and received the package… all I had to do was load the disc…and I was off and running. It was so easy. I could print off new name badges for all of our employees in about a half hour. I had the badges all assembled and handed out by the end of the day. We opted for gold for our managers and silver for our regular staff; that has worked out great. When anyone gets a promotion or changes department, all I do is either change the colour of the badge or type a new name/position. We also went with the magnet as many of our staff were breaking the pins on the old badges. So far, I have not replaced one magnet. They are very strong and are holding up well, even after going through the wash.

Over all, the [Reusable Name Badge] was a wise investment. It not only saves time and money but looks good too.”

– Kathy Balogh, Canadian Tire Store #110, Tillsonburg, Ontario

“Imprint Plus has been a terrific business partner to Macy’s Inc.  I know I can always count on you to quickly react to any request, no matter how large or small. Your continued innovation and commitment to producing the very best product makes you one of my most valued vendor partners.   I only wish every supplier we did business with was as responsive as Imprint Plus.”

– Jonathan Dowling , Director of Selling Services, Macy’s Inc.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with the new [retail] name badges. They are awesome. The customer assistance you provided was beyond measure. I know that we will be using Imprint Plus for many years to come.”

Bobbi G Osteen, Human Resources Director, Jumpin Jimmy’s (2010)

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