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Imprint Plus offers a wide range of name tag fasteners

Imprint Plus™ carries a wide variety of name badge holders and fasteners including pins, position clips, pocket clips, lanyards, ID badge holders, and magnetic fasteners. Premium and budget options are offered for most types of fasteners.

Magnetic Fasteners

Silver budget magnet

Our magnetic fasteners easily clip onto our badge plates, keeping your name tag securely in place throughout an active day. Setting the bar for strength and durability, our rare earth magnets are effective even through the thickest fabrics.

Key benefits:

  • Doesn’t damage clothing
  • Strong and durable design
  • Comfortable for everyday wear

Magnetic fasteners are available in four options. Simply choose between ceramic and rare earth designs, and then select the appropriate size for your badge.

Our magnetic name badge holders are reusable and replaceable. If needed you can convert your magnetic fastening into a pin fastening at anytime.

Pin Fasteners

Why not opt for a traditional pin fastener? Our basic to higher quality pins are easy to use and help keep your costs low.

Key benefits:

  • Pin stays closed with our safety locking feature
  • Stay in place all day
  • Great value

Pins come in three different size options. Select the appropriate pin size for your name badge.
Our pin name badge holders are reusable and replaceable, meaning broken pins can easily be replaced. If needed you can convert your pin fastening into a magnetic fastening at anytime.

Pocket Clips

Our strong pocket clips allow you to utilise your suit jacket or uniform pocket for secure and consistent placement of your name badge.

Key benefits:

  • Click’n’Lock Rotation allows badges to remain straight all day
  • Durable design made to last
  • Price match guarantee

Position Clips

Name Badge Holders & Fasteners Online

Use our 12-position clip for versatile fastening of your name tags. This clip can be easily attached to any area of clothing.
Key benefits:

  • Convenient for those who need to take their name badge on and off throughout the day
  • Great for use with thicker materials
  • Versatile placements

Lanyards Clips

Imprint Plus™ standard name badge lanyards are available in a swivel hook or clip fastener design and come in four different colors. If you require further badge lanyard customization Imprint Plus™ also offers custom screen-painted lanyards that can feature your logo, slogan or custom colors.

Key benefits:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to remove or swipe ID
  •  More branding options

Plastic ID Badge Holders

Imprint Plus™ also carries a highly reusable and cost-effective plastic pocket name badge insert with pin-on fastener. These name badge holders with pins are ideal for conferences, temporary name badge usage, or single use ID badges.

Key benefits:

  • Quick to create
  • Low cost


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