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To meet the unique needs of your business Imprint Plus™ carries a wide variety of name badge holders and fasteners including the traditional pin fastener.

As innovators in the name badge industry, Imprint Plus™ is proud to have pioneered the use of the magnetic name badge fastener!

That being said, all the name badge holders and fasteners we offer are top of the line, and most are offered at two distinct price points, premium and budget.

Below is a brief description of our collection of name badge holders including reusable magnetic badge fasteners, pin fasteners, lanyards, pocket badge holders, clips and more.

Reusable Magnetic Name Badges and Fasteners

Silver budget magnetIt was in 1994 when our founders recognized the need for magnetic badge holder backings that would not damage clothing.

The Imprint Plus™ team searched high and low for a magnet that was strong enough to keep the name badge in place but also lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Enter the Imprint Plus™ signature rare earth magnetic name badges!  Today, we are so proud that our magnetic badge holder has gained the following it deserves.

We may be biased but we think the reusable magnetic badge fastener is the absolute best name badge holder on the market; our customers tend to agree!

Name Badge Holders with Pins

Following in our own footsteps of creating the best reusable magnetic badges on the market, Imprint Plus™ has also reinvented the traditional pin fastener to be stronger, sturdier and more affordable.

Our patented pin fastener design is guaranteed not to break! Simply adhere the Peel n’ Stick fastener to your Imprint Plus™ reusable name badge and you’re ready to go.

Standout features of our pin name badge holders include the bar-pin locking mechanism (that keeps the pin closed), pressure sensitive adhesive backing and curled pin closure to keep the pin securely fastened.

Since our pin name badge holders are reusable and replaceable, if you need to, you can easily convert the pin name badge to magnetic fasteners (and vice versa) at anytime.

Learn more about how our name badge pin fasteners can be used with our incredible reusable name badge system.

Badge Lanyard and ID Badge Holders

Badge lanyard and ID BadgeLanyard name badge holders by Imprint Plus™ offer a lot more marketing real estate to display information and branding.

Imprint Plus™ standard name badge lanyards are available in a swivel hook or clip fastener design and come in four different colors. If you require further badge lanyard customization Imprint Plus™ also offers custom screen-painted lanyards that can feature your logo, slogan or custom colors.

Read all about Imprint Plus™ lanyard name badge holders, ideal for front-line staff, conventions, conferences and special events promotion.

Other ID Badge Holder Solutions

Name Badge Holders & Fasteners Online

Our name badge clips and pocket badge fasteners are rigid ID badge holders for times when the magnetic name badges, pins or lanyards are not an option.




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Imprint Plus™ believes that employees will be more inclined to wear name badges if they can be fastened comfortably and securely.

Finding an ideal balance between quality and cost, all of these badge fastener options provide a sleek, professional name badge system that your employees will wear with pride.

All our name badge holders and fasteners are compatible with our famous reusable name badge system. To learn more about our name badge fasteners including magnetic badges, pin badge holders and lanyard ID badges, please:

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