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Swivel Clips, Pocket Holders &
Rigid ID Name Tag Fasteners

If magnetic or pin fasteners don’t suit your needs, Imprint Plus™ does offer name badge holder alternatives. Our primary name badge fasteners include badge clips and pocket fasteners. No matter what your specific needs are, we have name badge supplies to get the job done.

Clip On Name Badge Holders

Imprint Plus’ patented 12 position locking Badge Holder Clip

Imprint Plus’ patented 12 position locking Badge Holder Clip

Why We Made Clip Badge Holders

Clip on badge holders are very convenient for those who need to take their name badge on and off throughout the day or do not want to worry about pinning the name badge on straight each morning. Name badge clips are also ideal for use with thick overcoats.

How Swivel Clip Name Badge Fasteners Work

The clip name tag fastener securely attaches to Imprint Plus name badges. Our patented “Click’n’Lock” rotation mechanism works to keep the badge straight in position despite physical working conditions.

Key Features of
Clip ID Badge Holders

A metal pocket fastener attached to a Large sized badge

A metal pocket fastener attached to a Large sized badge

Imprint Plus™ clip-on badge holders are among the very best in the industry offering a superior performance.

  • Click’n’Lock Rotation: Badges stay locked in position and straight at all times; ideal for overcoats.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from high quality metal and steel.
  • Eco-friendly: The clip-on badge fastener can be reused on other name badges in the future.
  • Price Match Guaranteed: Imprint Plus™ will beat any lower priced comparable product.

Pocket Name Badge Holder

Why We Made the Pocket Name Badge Holder

Imprint Plus™ in-pocket inserts, also known as pocket fasteners (or slip-on name badge holders) are a great alternative to clip, pin or magnetic badge fasteners. The pocket name badge holder is ideal for those who wear business suits, lab coats or scrubs on a daily basis.

How the Pocket Badge Holder Works

Simply attach your name badge to the pocket fastener and slide it in to your shirt or jacket pocket. Imprint Plus™ offers both a slip-in and clip-on badge pocket holder. The slip-in just slides into your pocket and rests there while the clip-on version allows you to secure the fastener to your pocket. While many find that the clip-on is a bit sturdier, it can also cause some minor creasing on the jacket or coat, which doesn’t happen with the slip-in badge holder.

Key Features of
Imprint Plus™ Pocket Badge Holders

Having a name badge fastener that is comfortable, easy to place and non-damaging to clothes is extremely important and improves the likelihood that your employees will wear their name badge at all times. Imprint Plus™ pocket name badge holders are designed with this in mind:

  • Quick Dress: Our pocket badges quickly slide into the pocket with zero hassle.
  • Durable Metal Material: Our name badge pocket fasteners are built to last.
  • Reusable: Imprint Plus™ entire name badge system is reusable.
  • Price Match Guaranteed: Imprint Plus™ will beat any lower priced comparable product.
Clear plastic pocket badge insert with pin

Clear plastic pocket badge insert with pin

Plastic Name Badge Holders with Pins

Imprint Plus™ also carries a highly reusable and cost effective plastic pocket name badge insert with pin-on fastener. These name badge holders with pins are ideal for conferences, temporary name badge usage or single use ID badges.  Also take a look at our badge lanyards.

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