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Name Badge Printing System & Software

Business people always get excited when we first tell them about our reusable name badge system. They see the benefits of a professional, “Do-It-Yourself” badge kit right away: cutting out the middleman, no lead times, no per unit shipping, no typos, and less stress!

After the initial enthusiasm, they start wondering, “Is this going to be hard? Printing my own name badges…I don’t know…I’ve never done this before…I’m scared!” Well, fear not! We understand that you’re not a professional name badge maker (like we are), so we’ve broken down the name badge printing process into a few simple steps.

Anyone with our Imprint Plus name tag software and a PC and Printer or P-Touch® Labeler can make professional-quality reusable names badges. Click on the links below to find out more about how you can print your own name badge designs, and create stylish name badges and name tags for you and your team.

Name Badge Insert Sheets

Brother P-Touch® Name Badges

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