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How Our Imprint Plus Name Badge Printing Software Works

Helping You with Consistent Branding Across Multiple Locations

Many Imprint Plus™ customers need to ensure consistent branding of their badges across multiples locations, especially franchised brands. Over the years, we have developed a variety of custom solutions to meet the specific needs of these leading corporations and businesses. These software solutions have recently been made available to you, and can be tailored to your business requirements.

How It Works

The following software versions have been developed for existing customers, and can be tailored to suit your unique business needs:

  • Platform independent web-based software
  • Customized Microsoft certified local software
  • Software hosted either on your company network or by Imprint Plus™

We also have a lot of experience developing brand new software solutions that are 100% tailored. Contact us with the specs, and we’ll go from there.

Key Features

  • Pre-programmed software helps maintain corporate and franchise standards
  • Software can be ordered with brand-right logos, text placement and fonts pre-installed
  • Solutions independent of operating systems
  • Can include as much or as little functionality as you require, which can reduce errors across the supply chain
  • Customized instructions
  • Supports all Imprint Plus™ name badges and insert sheets
  • FREE technical support

Tech Specs

See NamePrint Graphics Software for our stock software specs. Customized software solutions will have unique technical specifications. The following are specs related to some of the existing custom solutions we’ve developed. Please keep in mind that they reflect the application in its current state. It is possible to customize any of these solutions further to make it work with your organization.

NPG Cloud

  • Overview: NPG Cloud is a web based version of our software and allows your to personalize your name badges. This version does not require any local installations.
  • Application: Multi-location customers who have internet access at each location
  • Delivery: Web-based application hosted on
  • Demo credentials:
    • Username: username
    • Password: Password
  • Page size supported: Letter – A4 – Envelope
  • Insert types supported: Classic and peel-off
  • Badge sizes supported: All Imprint Plus name badge sizes.
  • Image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF; can include a drop-down with custom images (flags, logos, departments, etc.), billable work
  • Fonts: Fonts are pre-set and cannot be changed by the end-user; fontsMost fonts can be added (TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2, SVG, Google Fonts) in the design stage. Foreign scripts are also supported (i.e. Chinese, Thai, Tamil, etc.).
  • Installation: No installation; log in to software through website
  • Instructions: Customized for each customer
  • Languages supported: English, French, Spanish and Dutch. New languages can be added upon request.
  • OS requirements: Not dependent on operating system; runs in web browser
  • Hardware requirements: Internet access
  • Software requirements: HTML5 compatible browser (IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera).


  • Overview: This is an online application for entering text to be printed on name badge by Imprint Plus™; this applies to factory-printed name badges only, and not to the reusable name badge product
  • Application: Customers who order factory-personalized name badges from the Imprint Plus­™ corporate e-store
  • Delivery: E-store based, online interface only
  • Page size supported: n/a
  • Insert types supported: n/a
  • Badge sizes supported: All sizes
  • Image formats: n/a
  • Fonts: n/a
  • Installation: No installation required; log in through e-store
  • Instructions: Noted on e-store
  • OS requirements: Not dependent on operating system; runs on Imprint Plus e-store
  • Hardware requirements: Internet access
  • Software requirements: Internet browser (IE7+ or Firefox 3+); Java Runtime 6+

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