Versatile signage that can be easily customized

The Imprint Plus™ reusable signage system includes everything you’ll need to create professional and eco-conscious signs. Simply use our sign graphics software to create your personalized sign design and print off the non-adhesive inserts. Designs can be personalized with graphics, names, titles, and logos. Putting the sign together is just as easy! Just slip one of your customized inserts face-down into one of our patented Lenscovers and snap on a plate.

Imprint Plus™ has three different reusable signage systems to choose from. The Contemporary Desk and Door Signage System provides signage with a modern feel and versatile mounting options. We recommend our Classic Design and Door Signage System as a highly effective way to present room names, department titles, or employee names. Our Standing and Hanging Signage System is ideal for spot signage, especially for those in the restaurants,  catering, and hospitality industry.

This image features the polycarbonate, contemporary desk and door signage with various affixations. The signs are full color designs and are placed on desks, walls, doors and cubicles. These signs are perfect for office wayfinding, hospitality and retail industries.

Contemporary Signage System

Featuring a high-end. polycarbonate finish, these contemporary signs are popular for their interchangeable mounting options. Switch these contemporary designs between desk stands, wall fixtures, and cubicle workstations quickly and easily. Our smaller signs can also double as name badges by simply swapping the backplate affixation for one of our magnets.

Key benefits:

  • Intuitive to create and update
  • Interchangeable affixations
  • Durable material
  • Range of sized and mounting options to choose from
Featuring transparent inserts which can be easily personalized and replaced, these desk signs and door signs look like the are engraved. this reusable signage system is perfect for office buildings, way finding and identifying staff members.

Classic Desk & Door Signage

Cost-effective, eco-conscious, and professional looking, these classic desk and door signs are ideal for high turnover and seasonal industries. Patented insert sheets and our own Name Print Graphics software allow instant personalization while remaining budget-friendly.

Key benefits:

  • Quick to customize and assemble
  • Looks like lettering is engraved
  • A range of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from

Available in silver or gold, aluminum or steel, with fasteners featuring velcro, adhesive strips, or screw options.

This image shows a variety of spot signage solutions, inculding hangin, standing and suction designs. Great for buffets , retail and cruise industries.

Standing, Hanging & Spot Signage System

These spot signs are incredibly handy and adaptable to their environment. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with multiple mounting options – from suction to free-standing through to hanging – means there is a size, shape, and mounting option to suit your every need. These signs are robust, easily updated, and can withstand the bumps and spills of daily life. Make the most of your valuable floor, wall or counter space with these signage solutions.

Key benefits:

  • Versatile spot signage
  • Easily dismantled and cleaned
  • A range of sizes, colors, and mounting options available


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