The Pearls I Didn’t Buy

The Pearls I Didn’t Buy

The shiny new penny is always the most riveting, so it was no surprise that these gold pearls on the island of Pho Quoc, Vietnam, caught my eye. Oh, I knew that I had bought exotic black pearls in Hawaii, and had a perfectly good necklace of brilliant white pearls that I inherited from my Mom; but those gold pearls ($4,000+) made my neck look so elegant.

The gorgeous gold pearls I saw on the island of Pho Quoc, Vietnam.

So why did I step out of the store minus one box of gold pearls? The gold pearls became my project 26. I once heard Johanna Rothman, High Tech Product Development Management Expert and Author, talk about how important the projects we delete from our list are. Yes, the pearls were fabulous, like so many project ideas that come up in the brainstorming sessions, but one can’t have funds for every project, giving each one the fullness they deserve. The speaker suggested that the project falling to the bottom of the pile should be removed from the list, and so the gold pearls fell off my “must have” list.

Enjoying the night market during my holiday in Vietnam.

I did photograph them and sent an email off to my daughter so she could validate the fabulousness and urge the purchase. But, in the vein of a true project 26 on your checklist of projects for the month, it was something that I shouldn’t even have had on my list at all; by not buying golden pearls, I forced myself to resurrect all the amazing necklaces that I hadn’t been bringing into the sunshine and saved myself  $4,000.00. I wonder sometimes, if we each forced ourselves to scrap project 26, would our lives be richer?