Shared Office Spaces Require Greater Business Identity

Shared Office Spaces Require Greater Business Identity

By Kristin MacMillan, President of Imprint Plus

Shared office space is currently trending in the U.S., across Europe and Asia, calling for greater employee and company identification.  Co-working spaces offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to entrepreneurs and start-ups around the world. Popular co-working enterprises, such as WeWork and Liquid Space, offer dedicated desks and private rooms  as primary services, with a monthly membership that allows occupiers to use a company’s available facilities and amenities for free, including  coffee stations, Wi-Fi, printing, and  conference rooms – some equipped with extras like  ping pong tables or media systems as added value options.

These types of collaborative working spaces spell a greater need for clearly marked employee and company identification. It’s important for customers and clients to be able to pick you out of the crowd and to establish an instant connection.  Employees are also brand ambassadors for the businesses they represent.  Identifying them and providing some personalized information helps to start a conversation and engage customers, as well as introduce them to the others in the shared space.


The Mighty Badge “Business Identity Kit was created for small businesses with under ten employees, and comes with everything needed to instantly create professional looking name badges, contemporary desk or wall signage and business cards with any images, fonts or graphics.  The kit includes four 1” X 3” name badges, four 2” x 8” desk or wall signs, and forty standard sized business card blank to be produced in a matter of minutes on-site with the help of a computer and printer.

Don’t have your employees or business be nameless because you are sharing office space with others. The solution if both sustainable and eco-friendly, two must-haves for many startups and small businesses. The Mighty Badge Business Identity Kit has an MSRP of $71.35 and is available at Amazon.com.  For more information visit www.themightybadge.com or www.imprintplus.com.