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About The Mighty Sign®  


The Imprint Plus The Mighty Sign®  is a service manager’s best friend. Durable, reliable, and designed to exude professionalism, the Mighty Sign®  is the perfect choice for virtually any kind of service display. Be it on a gaming table, a retail counter, a cruise ship, or a full-service buffet, the Mighty Sign® will represent your brand with elegance and remind your customers why they keep coming back. Made from the highest-quality materials, our reusable Mighty Signs® are proven to withstand the chaos of a lively workplace. No matter the environment , you'll never have to worry about these signs showing damage or deterioration. They will remain in top condition, ready to showcase your message, for years to come. Not only are these signs made to last, they’re designed to be reused from purpose to purpose. Simply swap out the insert sheet for a different design, and in an instant, you’ll have a brand new Mighty Sign® ready to be displayed. You can easily accommodate any changes without having to re-purchase a single product. It’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and extremely efficient signage system that will save you both time and money.




Key Benefits


Durable: Our signs are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. They won’t wear easily and will keep their bright finish in even the most hectic working environments.


Engaging:  the Mighty Sign® is a great way to highlight upcoming promotions, sales, and events. By using your sign as an added marketing space, you encourage engagement and connection between your customers and staff.


Sanitary: It’s amazingly easy to take apart and reassemble your Mighty Sign®. That means you can access, clean, and sanitize your sign components both quickly and thoroughly.


Design-Forward: Set the trends with our modern standing sign. Each sign is comprised of sleek materials that can be customized to create a unique, stylish display.


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