Simple Imprint Plus D-I-Y Tools For Helping Elderly With Memory Loss

Simple Imprint Plus D-I-Y Tools For Helping Elderly With Memory Loss

Memory loss is common among the elderly, particularly those suffering from dementia. It affects those living at home or in a memory care, assisted living or nursing facility. According to Merck Manual, the most common and earliest complaints of memory loss usually involve difficulty in remembering names and forgetting the location of commonly used items, such as the telephone or remote control.  Most people experience some worsening of memory loss with aging and it takes longer to form new memories, such as a caretaker’s or visitor’s name or a doctor’s appointment.

For residents of nursing homes or assisted living centers who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, not knowing who’s who can be confusing and frightening.  When staff and fellow residents wear name badges featuring a recognizable logo, it becomes easier to keep track of their names and adds greatly to a patient’s comfort level.   What’s more, in the event that a patient wanders off or gets lost, they can be easily identified by their name badge with the name of the facility clearly stated. With  Imprint Plus do-it-yourself name badge and signage kits, badges and signs can be created on-site with a standard printer.  They can also be made for visitors on the spot, and can be reused for new visitors by simply changing the badge insert.

For those caring for a spouse or parent with dementia at home, a name badge with their loved one’s name, address or phone number, can provide peace of mind in case they leave the house unattended or get separated from a family member while away from home. The badges can be customized with colors or patterns to look like a fashion accessory.

“Imprint Plus makes it simple for family members and healthcare facilities to create on- site, eco-friendly, reusable name badges and signage to aid those afflicted by memory loss,” says Kristin MacMillan, President of Imprint Plus.  “Signage and name badges can be changed easily with the use of a standard printer to reflect dates, times, seasons and other helpful information for everyday living.  They can even be used to point out birthdays and special occasions,” continued Ms. MacMillan.

For additional support for those with memory loss at home, do-it-yourself, reusable signage can also be made simply with the Imprint Plus signage kits that can clearly state necessary messages, such as “lock the door” upon leaving the house or “turn off the stove before you go out.” These memory aids could be life-saving tools to someone with mild cognitive impairment due to advanced memory loss.

With the Imprint Plus patented design software, quality signage and badges are created by simply typing in a name or message, adding a logo, color or image, and printing the patented inserts with a standard laser or inkjet printer. The inserts easily slide into the name plate or sign, which can be used again and again.  The name badges feature an exclusive magnetic backing which holds the tag firmly in place without pins or tape.  The signs can stand alone on a table or partition or they can be attached to a wall or door with Velcro or double-sided adhesive.  All of the parts snap together in seconds, with no tools required.

About Imprint Plus:

Imprint Plus manufactures an assortment of name badges and signage systems that range from The Mighty Badge Kit, available in 10+ kits; to YouWho name badges in two- and four-unit kits, starting at $25. For information on name badges and signage, visit www.imprintplus.comwww.themightybadge.com, or www.youwhobadges.com.


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