Single Sided Full Colour Ribbon


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Single-Sided Colour Ribbon


YMCKO color ribbons full-color printing for SMART 31 & 51 Series ID Card Printer with cleaning roller. With the use of unique single-sided color ribbons, the SMART printers will produce full-color printing and image quality. The single-sided ribbon is used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes. The color ribbon consists of yellow (Y), magenta (M), and cyan (C) panels, for printing a full range of colors through blending the colors using varying degrees of heat. The full-size resin black (K) panel is typically used for printing text and barcodes, and the overlay (O) panel is a thin protective panel that is applied to the card surface. When your printer is equipped with FINE™ image technology, it makes it easy to optimize the colors to meet the brand and corporate identity standards. The ribbon kit includes a cleaning roller used with Smart-31 and Smart-51 card printers. To ensure your cards’ longevity, we suggest laminating your cards with the SMART-51L printer. Using our color ribbons is essential to the durability of your printed cards and maintaining the long life of your printer.

Quantity - 250 one-sided prints per roll



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