Clear Sign Wall Mount Plate

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About Contemporary Sign Wall Mount Plate


The clear sign wall mount plate is just one of our versatile mounting options for the contemporary sign. Made from durable plastics that create a modern feel, these wall plates are the perfect complement to your unique designs. Not only do they help to create a professional aesthetic for your work space, they’re entirely reusable. You can easily switch your signage without repurchasing or re-installing any mounting options; simply snap your sign into place. 

To use the wall mount plate, attach it to your contemporary sign, and then secure it to your wall with screws, double-sided adhesive, or hook and loop fasteners.

Should you ever decide you’d like to present your sign on your desk or cubicle instead?  Simply remove the wall plate  and switch it for your preferred attachment. 


Key Benefits


Efficient: Say goodbye to pay per use costs, shipping fees, wait times, and excess waste. This eco-friendly signage option will reduce your carbon footprint, while saving time and money.


Professional: These sleek transparent wall plates create a polished and cohesive look for branding your work space.


Reliable: Your signage will always remain proudly and securely displayed, thanks to the wall mount plate's sturdy frame.