Magnet with steel plate for Badges

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About Magnet With Steel
Plate for Aluminum or Plastic Badges.


Our most classic fastener, this rare earth magnet offers a sturdy base and an incredibly strong hold. Known for its strength, it will maintain its grip through the thickest fabrics.

This magnet is a great way to protect uniforms from damage, as there is no need to puncture your clothing with a pin fastener. It will keep your badge in place, your uniform crisp, and your employees looking sharp. Both durable and reliable, this powerful magnet is an Imprint Plus staple. Simply apply the steel plate to your aluminum or plastic badges, and attach your magnet!

Key Benefits


High-Quality: Made with rare earth magnets, this high-quality fastener will retain its strength over time.


Professional: Enjoy a polished, professional look with no damage to your uniform. The steel plate magnet ensures no holes or tears in your workplace attire.


Reliable:This rare earth magnet keeps your badge entirely secure. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about it slipping out of place.