Silver 2x10 Wall Holder

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About Silver Wall Holder (2 x 10)


The silver wall holder is a sturdy signage option that you can count on to remain secure. The robust metal 2 x 10 inch frame offers an attractive and reliable way to display your signage.


Installation is a simple process that can be achieved using the adhesive of your choice: velcro, tape, or screws. Once mounted, the wall holder will complement any office space with its minimalist design. Plus, each wall holder is conveniently reusable.


Key Benefits


Efficient: Say goodbye to pay per use costs, shipping fees, wait times, and excess waste. This eco-friendly signage option will reduce your carbon footprint, while saving time and money.


Professional: These sleek silver holders create a polished look that will impress clients and inspire employees.


Reliable: Your signage will always remain secure, thanks to the wall holder's sturdy frame.