The Mighty Badge Insert Sheets

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About the Mighty Badge Insert Sheets


With these re-printable insert sheets, you can avoid the inconvenience of needing to purchase new name badges after every new hire or staff promotion. Available for both inkjet and laser printers, each sheet can create between 10 and 28 brand new badges. Simply choose your preferred design, print, and swap in your new insert sheet.

We know you might not want to print the entire sheet of badges in one go. That’s why we’ve designed these patented sheets to work around your schedule. Print a single badge, the whole sheet, or anything in between - it’s your choice.

Key Benefits


Cost-effective: Stop buying new name badges after every employee change and simply swap your insert sheet instead.


Flexible: Each insert sheet gives you multiple brand new badges that you can print on your own schedule. Say goodbye to waiting times and order complications.


Attractive: These inserts allow you to personalize your reusable name badge in a polished and professional manner.