Taking Risks in the Name Badge Business Pays Off – Part 2

Taking Risks in the Name Badge Business Pays Off – Part 2

The year when names were rubbing off our name badge plates out in the field led to one of the most stressful periods I can remember in business. We had to find a solution.

Our Imprint Plus management went back to the research and development team to try many different tactics. The first round led us to the world of metal coatings; there are millions of different chemical combinations that coat and protect metal. Keeping in mind that our users loved simplicity, adding a step that involved brushing on a chemical coating seemed just wrong, so we continued our search.

At the time, around 1996, “green and sustainable” were words that were taking on greater significance in the marketplace. Underneath both headers, reusability was quickly becoming a positive attribute and feature of all internal supplies. In a moment of absolute clarity we realized that whatever came next, the attribute and feature of reusability had to be retained and become a cornerstone of our future name badge systems.

Working on many options at once, we finally came up with the idea of a crystal clear “lens” cover that would snap on and off the name badge easily, enabling the name badge to be reused again and again. Once the prototype was completed, and the concept proved to be not only a workable solution, but also a name badge product that added value, we moved forward and have never looked back.

Today the name badge lens cover is one of our signature products in the reusable name badge system!

Our name badge lens cover:

  • Projects the image on the badge
  • Protects the name badge
  • Is completely reusable
  • And makes a great choice for companies that want a durable, elegant AND green name badge system

In summary, our first name badge system, The Imprinter+, experienced a challenging yet exciting start, leading to an innovative final reusable name badge solution. The team earned sleepless nights, grey hairs and a clarifying strategic direction for the future! And we’ve never looked back!