Taking the Time to Celebrate at Work

Taking the Time to Celebrate at Work

I am “entrepreneurially” guilty of moving onto the next big challenge without recognizing milestones.

Case in point: In the day to day operations of my Name Badge Company Imprint Plus, I am always asking for any bad news first; the good news will wait until we have dealt with the challenges of any given day. The daily workload is so large, and the time available so scarce, that celebrations of greatness are often postponed…indefinitely.

This misstep has been written up in countless management books and business magazines. Although it seems that celebrating should be so easy to do, tasks and lists and to-do’s fill up the days, weeks, and months. These activities take precedence, take over, and take away from fun-time.

I agree that celebrating greatness shouldn’t be postponed, but better late than never!

With January under full swing, a celebration of our wins in 2012 is long overdue. How well did we manage the challenges we faced last year? And what can we do better in 2013? Set up a brainstorming meeting, put out an open call for feedback, and engage your staff in the discussion.

This year when December rolls around, I resolve to take the time out to celebrate the past year’s greatness, and review all the changes we have made to improve our name badge products and processes. The benefits of this review are countless; not only is it exciting to review the milestones hit every month in each department, but the changes and resulting wins are also sweet.

Remember it’s always a great time to celebrate all wins and begin to create excitement for the year ahead. Here’s to our hustle in 2013!