The Myth of Work-Life Balance

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

It’s amazing how many articles are written about balance of life. Balancing your life seems to be a concept specifically designed for women; clearly men don’t need to balance their lifestyle, their lack of balance is acceptable to all!

I’m particularly surprised when each writer wants to define exactly what my personal balanced lifestyle should look like.  “Having it all” to most of the writers is defined as having a fabulous and/or relevant career, wonderful children, a tender husband (the best option being a Princeton intellectual), and money to burn. Even this isn’t always enough; to really be in the game you need to have an eye out for the top jobs, of which there are very few, and gently and ethically climb the ladder to fortune and fame.

There are debates, articles, books and heated discussion about how to achieve this ameliorated state. I can’t say I am a huge part of the debate even though I am an avid reader of the books and articles that mentor women either out of or into the boardroom.

I can safely say I lead an extremely unbalanced life by today’s definition.  I like to work and happily work 6 days a week, often, at Imprint Plus. I enjoy Sundays in a quiet office, thinking and planning future initiatives. I’ve always worked many hours, even while taking care of young children, and at 58 have no regrets.

So I tip my invisible hat to all the women who are admittedly unbalanced, and hope your journey is as pleasing as mine has been!

*Image via the Captivate Network.