The printed badges are not aligned to the insert sheet

The printed badges are not aligned to the insert sheet

Check if Product Code matches Template size.

At the bottom right corner of the program there are two letters displayed; this is the template size. Now look at your plastic insert sheet and see if it has the same product code. If they do not match up, you will need to create a new template with the correct Product code.

Product Code in NPG

Location of the product code in NamePrint Graphics

Product Code

Location of the product code

Use the manual feed tray to insert your sheet.

The manual feed tray in your printer is better able to pick up the plastic insert sheet compared to the regular paper tray where all the other paper sits. You might have to adjust the paper barriers depending on the printer you are using.

Manual feed

Use the manual feed of your printer

Go to “File” -> “Print Alignment”

You can adjust where the printer prints the badges on your insert sheet. The first way is to go through the steps in the wizard located in “File” -> “Print Alignment”. Print test pages on normal pieces of paper and hold them against the insert sheet to check the alignment.

Print Alignment

Go to Print Alignment

Click on “Advanced” to manually adjust the alignment

If using the wizard to automatically adjust the alignment did not work for you, you can manually adjust them by clicking “Advanced” in the first screen of the Print Alignment wizard. The advanced alignment settings allow you to shift the whole set of badges up, down, left or right. Make sure to select the right paper size and whether you are using peel-off sheets or not.

Advanced Alignment Options

If the wizard did not fix the problem, go to the advanced alignment options

Manual Alignment settings