As the gourmet retail industry gears up for the holidays and adds seasonal workers, there are  a number of important staffing-related tasks to keep in mind.  Hiring and training needs to be done early so that employees are up to speed in time for the busy holiday season; staff schedules, including any extended hours, need to be planned out; and  uniforms, aprons and other accessories need to be readily available for new staff members.

Name badges are an integral part of the employee uniform, as they make customers feel welcome and help facilitate friendly relationships between staff and shoppers.  Consumers like to feel comfortable when shopping, and they also need to be able to quickly and easily identify store personnel. Nothing is more embarrassing than accidently asking other customers in the store for help in locating an item, and it is frustrating to have to try and describe the employee that was providing assistance when you don’t know their name…  Name badges help ensure that face-to-face connections between your sales associates and customers are memorable, which leads to repeat customers and more sales.

In fact, in a recent market research survey conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS), 96 percent of consumers stated that it is important to recognize a person by name when doing business. Nearly three out of five customers (59 percent) of those surveyed said that they were more likely to shop in a store where they knew the sales associates by name, title, and area of expertise.  More than half claimed that they buy more merchandise and visit a store more often when they have a relationship with the sales associate; and two thirds of those surveyed stated that knowing the names of store employees helped in building a relationship with the retailer.

Name badge kits from Imprint Plus allow you to create personalized name badges on site in minutes using any inkjet or laser printer and easy to use Microsoft certified design software.  Staff can immediately be identified as part of the team with name badges customized with your images and text…  You can even add special holiday messages like “Ask Me About Our Holiday Catering” or “Gourmet Gift Baskets Available.”

With the right tools and organization, this holiday season for gourmet retailers can be a piece of cake.


Kristin MacMillan is President of Imprint Plus.  Imprint Plus manufactures and distributes an assortment of name badges and signage systems for 35,000 customers in 75 countries for more information, visit imprintplus.com.