Where are the Jobs?

Where are the Jobs?

  – President at Imprint Plus

Seasonal Employment

More often than not, seasonal employment leads to full time positions. Working holiday retail is one of the best ways of finding a permanent job. Retailers use holiday hiring as a test run for hiring permanent workers. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder survey found that 43 percent of employers plan to hire full-time, permanent workers in the final quarter of 2017; a jump of nine percentage points over last year. Wages have increased and there is competition to bring on sales associates, cashiers, truck drivers and warehouse personnel. Who’s hiring in this space?  Walmart, Target, Amazon, JC Penney’s, UPS, Toys R Us, FedEx and many others.

Customer Service Positions

Walmart offers greater Customer Service for Shoppers. Shoppers who order groceries online now have the convenience of having workers load up their shopping carts and deliver them directly to their cars in the parking lot. Shoppers never have to step foot into the store and spend time looking for items, loading carts and checking out. In a few cities, Walmart has collaborated with Uber to provide a delivery service for groceries directly to customers’ homes. Recently, Walmart began testing a home-delivery service in which a worker will load the ordered groceries into the home  -including the refrigerator – even when no one is at home.


Changing Industry, But Also Creating New Jobs.  Technology is creating jobs in fields that require creativity, language or motor skills that are not possessed by robots. These include gardening, nursing, teaching, and software programming, among others. When Uber drivers are eliminated due to the introduction of driverless cars, this actually helps create higher paying jobs, like self-driving auto engineers. The percentage of workers, who, today, say that “jobs are plentiful”, is at its all-time highest level in two decades. The Industries that have created the most jobs with higher wages include professional services, management consulting, and computer systems design. Overall, job creation has changed but is alive and well globally.