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We are a global name badges & signage supplier.

Name badges & signage supplier

Badge making processBadge making process

About Us

Since 1982, Imprint Plus has partnered with over 68,000 businesses worldwide, elevating their brand with our high-quality and cost-effective name badge identification solutions. Results are happier and more engaged employees who are cultivating your loyal customers.

  • Name badges, name tags, reusable name badges, recyclable name badges, all designs to suit our client's specific needs with cost-saving solutions.
  • Logo Lapel pins, badge add-ons, photo ID to suit your style if names are not required.
  • Indoor foam signs, tent signs, door hangers and much more. 

Our Story

Over 40 years ago, Imprint Plus began its journey, starting with a mission to find the perfect balance between quality, cost and sustainability.

Through cutting edge design and technological innovation, we’ve developed premium and patented products that have pushed businesses all over the world to reach their full potential. 

Watch the video and meet John! He is like every business owner. He loves his brand and, more importantly, his customers! Building connections every day is his top priority.

Creating connections is  our priority too; we make it happen!


Our valueOur value

Our Values 


We focus on customer needs.

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We celebrate creative thinking.

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We feel & behave as one team.

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We deliver high quality products.

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We do what we say & own what we do.

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