Our Values


For us, customer service isn’t just a department, it’s a way of life. Through a fierce commitment to transparency, accountability, and the anticipation of your needs, we’ve nourished a customer-oriented approach built on real human connection. By actively supporting such close business relationships, we get to know you, your preferences, and how to best personalize your experience. That way, we can deliver exactly what you need, right when you need it.



Imprint Plus was built around a vision to transform the name badge industry. Since day 1, we have known that a commitment to innovation, growth, and continuous creativity is the secret to harnessing the true power of identification. This knowledge has helped us to cultivate inspiring spaces that encourage clever problem solving and the free flow of ideas, and to deliver cutting edge products that straddle practicality and design. By nurturing a pledge to think outside the box, we continue to deliver original concepts that break through new frontiers. 



Embedded within every name badge is the coveted expertise of our brilliant team members. From the conceptual stage to the production stage, each department plays a crucial role in making sure that our customers receive the personalized care that we promise to deliver. Just like each badge piece fits together to make a perfect whole, each Imprint Plus employee plays a vital role in maintaining the cohesion, efficiency and integrity of our operations.



We believe that ensuring a firm commitment to quality is a necessary step to providing not only high-quality products, but high-quality experiences. Through years of fine tuning our patented name badges and signs, we’ve developed durable, reliable and attractive product lines that have set the industry standard. With high-end materials, sleek finishes and exclusive designs, we are proud to say confidently that we always deliver on quality.



Taking ownership of our actions is at the core of the Imprint Plus philosophy. Through our deep respect for the benefits of clarity and trust, we ensure that each employee remains accountable to their team members, and themselves. By establishing business relationships built on transparency, we make space for honest conversations that push us forward and help us to better serve our community.