Name Badge Accessories

Badge Accessories are one of the easiest ways to improve employee morale while upgrading the look of their name tags. Reward a highly valued employee with a token of your appreciation
for the years of service or accomplishments in their field. Improve the workplace environment by celebrating events and holidays with our Seasonal Badge Accessories.

If members of your staff are able to speak a second language then increase the ease of customer interaction by letting the customer know with a Badge Talker - Language Accessory.
The possibilities are endless, especially with our Customizable Lapel Pins. Design your own today!

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  1. The Reward Medallion - Star

    The Reward Medallion - Star

    Recognize employee accomplishments with our star reward medallion. Available in gold, silver or white, it’s perfect for boosting productivity and corporate morale.


  2. The Lapel Pin - Star

    The Lapel Pin - Star

    The star lapel pin is a simple yet sleek way to motivate your staff. By making employees feel appreciated, you’ll cultivate an encouraging work environment that inspires success.


  3. The Lapel Pin - Years of Service

    The Lapel Pin - Years of Service

    Honour the contributions of long-standing team members with this custom lapel pin. Choose from 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years of service to celebrate your most dedicated staff.


  4. The Lapel Pin - Teamwork

    The Lapel Pin - Teamwork

    Acknowledge outstanding cooperation with our teamwork lapel pin. By valuing support and collaboration in your workplace, you’ll inspire more productive partnerships.


  5. The Badge Talker - Seasonal

    The Badge Talker - Seasonal

    Celebrate holidays and events with a seasonal badge talker! Choose from 5 themes to increase customer engagement and add a little festivity to your look.


  6. The Badge Talker - Language

    The Badge Talker - Language

    Welcome your customers by letting them know which languages are spoken by staff. Choose from 10 languages to create a more inclusive service environment.


  7. The Badge Talker -  In Training

    The Badge Talker - In Training

    Easily identify new hires with the in-training badge talker. By highlighting brand-new employees, you’ll ease communication and enhance the quality of your customer service.


  8. The Badge Talker - Flag

    The Badge Talker - Flag

    Show your patriotism with a flag badge talker! This friendly badge accessory is a great way to spur conversation and create connection between customers and staff.


  9. The Lapel Pin Celebrations

    The Lapel Pin - Celebrations

    From important national & international days to seasonal events, there is no better way to show your clients, staff, and community you care than ordering custom lapel pins in honor of a special occasion.


  10. Customizable  Medallions

    Customizable Medallion

    Medallions provide a personal touch that goes a long way when it comes to team building, but they also strengthen business relationships. Customize yours using our design studio and let us print and ship them for you.



  11. Customizable Lapel Pin

    Customizable Lapel Pin

    Lapel pins are a great way to convey your message uniquely. You can use them to recognize your staff members or celebrate special occasions. Design yours here!


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