Sustainable business practices. 

Sustainable Business Practises

Imprint Plus is Renowned for
Being Lean and Green

Since day one, Imprint Plus has oriented itself around a commitment to sustainable business practices. We are always looking for new ways to make our lives greener - and that starts with reusable products made through eco-friendly production processes.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our practices our company president wants to hear from you. You can contact our General Manager Joanne Richards directly at

Reusable namebadgeReusable namebadge

Materials & Product

Our patented name badge and signage systems are completely reusable, eliminating the need for single-use plastics and helping businesses reduce their waste output. Plus, all of our materials are recyclable, meaning even non-reusable components like insert sheets stay out of the landfill.

The Mighty Badges
Reusable namebadgeReusable namebadge
Bamboo Badges
Reusable namebadgeReusable namebadge
Reusable namebadgeReusable namebadge

Manufacturing Processes

We take actionable steps to limit the environmental impact of our operations. These include: ensuring that each material is used for its entire useful life, significantly limiting our use of packaging, and opting for green materials like recycled paper and vegetable inks.

Recyclable Recyclable
Recyclable imageRecyclable image

Employees Education

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of Imprint Plus’ corporate culture. Beyond our commitment to sustainability at the company level, we also encourage employees to limit their individual carbon footprint by carpooling, telecommuting or riding transit whenever possible.

Green Partnerships

We partner with local businesses to clean, reuse or dispose of production materials in an environmentally safe manner. From screen printing inks to soiled rags-we ensure that each material is disposed of correctly.

Green partnershipGreen partnership
Green partnershipGreen partnership

We are a GBB member

We’ve joined the legion of brands and businesses at the Green Business Bureau. In keeping with our sustainability commitment, our Green Committee has pledged their support toward our green initiative to make our organization environmentally and socially responsible. View our profile here.