The Badge Talker - Language

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About Badge Talkers


Each customer interaction is an opportunity to communicate additional marketing messages and increase brand awareness. With the Imprint Plus Badge Talker, you can achieve both! By equipping your staff members with this customized badge accessory, you can easily highlight upcoming promotions, holidays, and events. Not only will you increase customer engagement, you’ll create opportunities for your staff to up-sell your products and expand brand recognition. Your customers will be apprised of all upcoming sales, and they’ll develop a closer connection to your corporate identity.

The badge talker is also an excellent tool for communicating information such as languages spoken by staff. This feature helps to make customers feel welcome and enhances the quality of your customer service. Choose from 10 languages to create more inclusive spaces that facilitate communication and enhance customer experiences.

So, how does it work? Simply peel the adhesive, apply it to your name badge, and just like, that your badge talker is ready to go. In an instant you’ll have an attention-grabbing badge accessory that inspires conversation and creates memorable customer interactions.



Key Benefits


Engaging: Badge talkers encourage more meaningful connection between customers and staff. By keeping your customers engaged, you’ll offer a higher standard of customer service.


Promotional: Increase brand recognition with a customized badge talker. When you showcase promotions and sales on the front of your uniform, you create valuable marketing space for your brand.


Welcoming: By letting your customers know which languages are spoken by your employees, you’ll ease communication and create a more inclusive service environment.


Exciting: Celebrate the excitement of an upcoming holiday with a themed badge talker. Participating in holiday fun creates positive associations with your brand and invites your customers to join in.