The Lapel Pin - Celebrations

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About Celebrations Lapel Pins


These personalized lapel pins are used to commemorate a variety of holidays and events throughout the year. Easily placed on the front of any uniform, they’re an excellent way for you and your team members to participate in upcoming festivities. From important national holidays to seasonal traditions, there is no better way to show your staff, clients and community that you care. Every milestone is a chance to connect with your community - by honoring a special occasion with custom lapel pins, you’ll share the celebration with everyone around you.


Key Benefits


Engaging: This holiday reminder allows you and your team to participate in each holiday celebration - by spurring conversation and boosting connection, it’s a great way to promote engagement with your community.


Customizable: Offered in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, our lapel pins are customized according to your unique preferences.


Finely Crafted: Our skilled creative team works to ensure that each pin is crafted with precision, and made with only the best materials. These quality accessories are made to last.


Elegant: Each one of our lapel pins is designed to exude elegance and style. With this accessory, your employees will look polished and put together as they interact with your customers.