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About Reward Medallions


Celebrate your staff with our classic reward medallions. These luxurious accessories are the perfect way to boost productivity and corporate morale, helping each employee display their professional accomplishments with pride and confidence. By encouraging your team members and acknowledging their success, you will motivate each of them to continue striving for excellence.

Medallions provide a personal touch that goes a long way when it comes to team building, but they also serve as a means of strengthening business relationships. When used as business gifts, medallions help to show your appreciation and build rapport with fellow businesses. Choose from gold, silver or white to charm your business contacts and leave a lasting impression.

Simply attach your medallion to any badge plate, and in an instant, you’ll create a classic and competent look that inspires customers and staff alike. Your employees will reflect the elegance and professionalism that underpins your business, and your clients will appreciate your ongoing commitment to investing in your team.

No matter what industry you work in, it is always a pleasure to receive recognition and even the smallest of rewards. When employees receive such compliments and physical rewards, it instantly boosts morale, confidence, satisfaction (from employees and customers), and work ethic. A great way of rewarding your employees is through reward medallions. These go on the employee’s name tag in order to properly commemorate and display their accomplishments.

One industry that reaps the most benefits out of these reward medallions are hotels and motels. The hospitality industry has long been successful with the use of name tags. These name tags help identify the hotel/motel’s name, the worker’s name, and their role in the business. Our reward medallions can fit on any name tag available with ease, such as Super 8 name tags.

These reward medallions are highly advisable to boost your employees’ confidence and subsequently boost your business. There are a number of advantages to utilizing these small yet meaningful name tag swag aside from being inspiring and kind:

  • All of these medallions are offered in gold, silver or white. They offer your employee’s a star that is sleek, professional, and rewarding.
  • Versatile: These star medallions are great on their own, but when paired with a name tag, that’s where they really shine. They can customize any and all personal name tags, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right tag and right medallion like it’s completing an impossible puzzle.

Start supplying your employees with rewards today, specifically our reward medallions, because they are thoughtful, simple, and perfect for displaying. Plus, they’re extremely affordable. One such medallion is $2.68, but you can buy them in large packs as well. You won’t be sorry that you did, nor will your team!


Key Benefits


Inspiring: By celebrating your staff’s accomplishments, you’ll encourage their future success. When they thrive, your business thrives.


Versatile: Since our medallions are compatible with any badge plate, you won’t have to compromise on customization. Easily attach your chosen medallion to any personalized name badge.


Sleek: Choose from gold, silver or white medallions to give your employees an elevated look that communicates professionalism and expertise.


Team-Building: Medallions are a great way to build comradery between employees, and across businesses. By gifting a medallion to a business contact or a staff member, you’ll strengthen your work relationships.