The Lapel Pin - Teamwork

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About Lapel Pins

The Imprint Plus lapel pin is a chic and elegant accessory, designed to be a flawless addition to any work attire ensemble. Made in the USA, our finely crafted pins are offered in a broad range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and can be easily customized according to your personalized needs. Allow a custom lapel pin to quickly communicate valuable information to your clients, customers, and partners.

Easily display your memberships, community affiliations, and certifications, or use your pin as an employee recognition tool that celebrates the accomplishments of your staff. By using a lapel pin to acknowledge your employees’ ongoing commitment to your business, you’ll make them feel valued, appreciated, and ready to strive for success.

Not only does that translate to higher staff engagement and increased productivity, but it means you’re more likely to hold on to your dedicated team members. Whether you’re looking for customer engagement, employee engagement, or both, the Imprint Plus lapel pin is the place to start. You can be sure that you’ll absolutely love your finished product, as our expert designers work meticulously to ensure that it looks and feels exactly like you’d imagined. Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and experienced creative team, you can be confident that you will end up impressed, satisfied, and excited by your brand new custom pin.

Key Benefits

Customizable: Offered in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, our lapel pins are customized according to your unique preferences.


Finely Crafted: Our skilled creative team works to ensure that each pin is crafted with precision, and made with only the finest materials. These quality accessories are made to last.


Communicative:Whether you’re looking to display your affiliations or memberships, or would like to recognize an employee’s accomplishments - the Imprint Plus lapel pin will get your message across. It’s the perfect way to communicate important info to your customers without interrupting the flow of each customer interaction.


Elegant: Each one of our lapel pins is designed to exude elegance and style. With this accessory, your employees will look polished and put together as they interact with your customers.