Anti-Microbial Lanyard

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Are you consistently losing your name badge or are fearful of doing so? Then you need our lanyards for name badges. Our microbial lanyards are all high-quality and comfortable so you don’t lose your name badges and instead, keep them in a convenient place.

Our lanyards also allow for quick breakaway and have a no-twist plastic hook attachment so your name badge stays front and center. They also come in easy-to-see colors, like white, red, green, and more. 

Keep your name badge from disappearing by using our lanyards.

About Anti-Microbial Lanyards


The anti-microbial lanyards are perfect for anyone who works in an active environment, including nurses, doctors, lab technicians, food servers, cooks, and teachers!

Sterile environments benefit from this lanyard's special anti-microbial properties. The nanoparticles in anti-microbial lanyards coat the material fibers to deter germ growth and kill odor-causing bacteria.



Key Benefits


Anti-Microbial Material: It inhibits the growth of germs. Tested against e coli and staphylococcus.


Breakaway: Quick unlocking release. WARNING


Wide No-Twist Plastic Hook Attachment: Securely fasten your ID badge to stay forward-facing. 


Color options: Available in Black, Royal, Red, Green, Navy, and White.