Staff in uniform with a name badge enhance corporate branding

Custom plastic name badges can improve your employee and customer interactions, enhance corporate branding, and support sustainability initiatives, among countless other benefits.

With our diverse and unique product offerings, helpful design tools, and robust printing capabilities, we give our customers the ability to customize name tags like never before.

But it doesn’t end with the name tag: there are numerous creative ways you can further customize the appearance of your employee’s uniforms and improve your company’s branding with the lapel pins, medallions, and other name badge accessories we offer here, as well!

Lapel Pins

Imprint Plus offers a number of unique lapel pins that are the perfect complement for your custom plastic name badges or tags.

Our lapel pins are available in both aluminum and steel and can be customized to your preferences with full color printing. Lapel pins like these can be used for the purposes of recognizing or rewarding employee excellence.

They are customizable in a variety of shapes and sizes. Configurable in gold, white and silver finishes, they come with your choice of either a magnetic fastener, a pin, or an adhesive strip. They are ideal for celebrating accomplishments, recognizing employee tenures of service, and so much more.

Boost employee morale, advertise employee accomplishments, and create a professional polish for your team’s uniforms in concert with the branding on your custom plastic name tags.

You can also give customized lapel pins as gifts to your customers or business partners!

Medallions and Custom Plastic Name Badges

Medallions, like lapel pins, are highly versatile, unique accessories that can be used to improve the overall appearance of your employee uniform - except, unlike lapel pins, medallions are meant to be affixed directly to your employee’s name tags!

These are rounded name badge attachments that are fun and engaging ways to communicate merit and improve your employees’ overall appearance.

They are made of lightweight aluminum or steel and are available in several different finishes: white, gold, and silver. Our 4-color edge-to-edge printing brings them to life; you can customize them in countless different ways. Consequently, medallions are great badge accessories that:

  • Add extra life and color to your name badges.
  • Can boost employee morale by recognizing achievements, accomplishments, or even awards.
  • Can help improve customer engagement and service.
  • Support and advertise brand values and diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives by celebrating workplace diversity.
  • Medallions also represent a unique opportunity to reintroduce personality into an employee uniform, as they can be used to showcase employee passions, interests, hobbies, or personal accomplishments.
  • Medallions can also be used to advertise multilingual capabilities and unique employee skills.

Medallions have countless uses, and their flexibility and versatility are complemented by ease of use. They’re made with double-sided tape; simply peel off the film, align the medallion where you want it, either at the top, bottom, or sides of the badge, and press it firmly into place. They’re lightweight, too, so they won’t weigh down the name badge.

Another great thing about our medallions is that they&rsqu

Badge Talkers

In addition to custom lapel pins and medallions, we also offer a wide range of badge talkers that can be used to add extra value to your custom plastic and metal name tags.

Badge talkers, like medallions, are compatible with our name badges and can be used for a wide range of purposes. They can:

  • Advertise an employee’s multilingual capabilities.
  • Help customers identify and other employees assist their coworkers that are in training.
  • Show company patriotism with flag badge talkers.
  • Send seasonal well-wishes to customers, improving the customer experience as well as engagement.
  • Advertise employee achievements.
  • And so much more!

Seasonal badge talkers are available in 5 different themes and multilingual badge talkers are available in 10 different languages, so you can customize them how you like.

In addition, and like our medallions, badge talkers are very easy to attach to your custom name badges. They’re also backed with adhesive, so you can peel-and-stick them on badges, as needed.

Take your corporate branding and customer experience to the next level today with a unique, customized approach to creating name badges using these creative name badge accessories!

Getting Started with Custom Plastic Name Badges

Ready to start creating your own custom plastic name badges? It’s easy to create custom, full-color badges here with our design tools and with the help of our specialists.

You can design your own badges and then add accessories (learn more about these name badge accessories via the links throughout this article) or work with one of our representatives directly.

Get in touch with us at 800-563-2464 if you have any questions about our products or would like the help of one of our specialists in designing and branding your custom name badges.