To Enforce or Not Enforce a Company Dress Code

With a lot of companies and businesses beginning to head back into their offices, the question of what to wear often comes to mind once again. And with many people having been able to work in their pajamas for the past year or so, some might question whether it’s necessary to have a business casual dress code in the office, or if it’s alright to tone it down a little bit and just go with your everyday casual look.

The thing is the act of dressing up is not just for show. It affects your own personal psychology and mindset. Dressing the part of a professional worker can not only help you feel more capable and effective, but it can also make you look more credible and professional.

There are also many ways that you can make dressing up for work fun. Especially if you’re a company that used to have a strict dress code.

Advantages of a Dress Code

One of the reasons many companies impose an office dress code is mainly because the way that their employees dress does, in some way, reflect their company’s culture. Depending on the industry that your business is in, and the kind of culture you want to build, choosing the appropriate dress code can certainly make an impact. Some of the benefits of having a dress code policy include:

1. It Sets Expectations

Requiring professional attire in the workplace isn’t just for show. In a way, how you dress also affects your personal mindset and psychology. While being able to work from home, for example, has meant that some employees get to work in their pajamas, it has also adversely affected the productivity of some.

This is partly because staying in your sleepwear conditions your mind towards sleep. Taking the time to dress the part of a working employee can help one shift their mindset from being too laid back and relaxed to being more focused and productive.

2. It Commands Respect & Credibility

While recent years have given us CEOs like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wearing t-shirts, jeans, and turtlenecks, the casual attire sometimes isn’t able to really command the kind of respect and credibility that comes with a role.

If your role is client-facing, for example, the way you dress can affect how well you’re able to close deals with potential clients. In fact, this study in 2014 found that employees who wore suits averaged higher deals for their companies than those who were dressed in t-shirts and sweatpants.

3. It Boosts Confidence and Creates Lasting Impressions

Lastly, a decent business casual attire can help your employees boost their confidence. It pays to look smart, confident, and awesome at work, and know it. Looking good in those dress pants and blazers not only leaves a good impression of you towards your officemates, but it also helps you create a good impression of yourself.

Adding Personality through Custom Business Badges

One other necessary element of a company dress code are the company IDs or business badges. Most companies have a standard-looking company badge that gives employees access to certain areas within the office and indicates their names and roles in the company.

But what if you could make your company’s business badges more personalized and fun?

1. Play Around with Design

Custom business badges are a great way to make your company dress code a lot more interesting. One way to do this is by taking a step beyond the obvious standardized business badge design. Custom business badges can give those IDs some jazzier designs and colors that will definitely help leave a lasting impression.

This is especially more fun if your business is in a design-centric industry. There’s no better way to show off your expertise, style, and aesthetic than by making an otherwise dull accessory into something that stands out and commands attention.

2. Personalize Your Custom Business Badges

We offer something unique in the market which is our business badge accessories. These can be little pins that you can attach to your name tag or custom business badge to help provide more information about you such as how many years of service, or if you’re able to speak a multiple languages.

You can also personalize your custom business badges by adding certain details to them that are specific to an employee. Putting in their favorite drink or hobby, for example, is a good way to utilize these badges as an ice breaker between employees.

A business badge remains an important part of the company dress code. It not only adds a layer of security to your office, but it also helps them be more accountable for their actions, especially when they’re dealing with customers and clients.

If you’re looking to design and order custom business badges feel free to check out our online store and browse through our selection. We’ve got the perfect tool to help you personalize your custom business badges that will enhance your company culture.