Advance your business
with Imprint Plus.

Grow your business

with Imprint Plus.

Differentiate your business and create memorable first impressions with Imprint Plus’ reusable name badge and signage systems. When your customers and clients are on a first name basis with your dedicated staff, genuine connection is fostered, cultivating brand loyalty and a sense of customer commitment. Your team’s professional and approachable look will foster confidence within your community and encourage customers to place their trust in the talents, skills and abilities of your employees.

Imprint Plus’ in-house creation capability means that you can not only design, but print and assemble your business badges and signs from the comfort of your home or office. With our software, you can have ID badges ready as early as your new hire’s first day of work, and can reuse them from employee to employee to ease the burden of staff turnover. With less time spent worrying about order complications and waiting for shipments, you can channel your energy towards your customers and their needs.



Build Trusted Partnerships

Solution Oriented

Create Effective Solutions

Ice Breaker

Create the Connection

Grow your business with Imprint Plus.

Cost-Effective: by reusing badge components and assembling products on-site, you save a significant amount on pay per use costs and shipping fees. 

Top-Quality: our products are made from premium materials that are both durable and reliable.

Eco-Friendly: Imprint Plus’ commitment to eco-conscious business practices shines through in our lean manufacturing practices, green policies, and sustainable, reusable products. 

Privacy & Security: with the Imprint Plus system, you can ensure that employee information remains secure and private.

Versatility: Not only do we provide top-end reusable name badges, but our state of the art manufacturing facility and talented team of designers can create luxury engraved name badges in a variety of shapes and materials such as cork, wood or acrylic. 

Accessorize Your Badge: Imprint Plus is proud to offer a variety of badge accessories to help you communicate even further with your customers. Badge Talkers allow you to convey messages such as languages spoken or advertise new promotions, while medallions, decals and gem covers allow you to recognize employee accomplishments or rank.

100% Satisfaction Guranteed: no hassles, no hurdles. Because when you’re 100% happy, so are we.

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