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Turn first impressions into lasting relationships with our top of the line name badges, financial ID name tags, and signage systems. Our professional, attractive products enable your banking staff to offer a truly personalized service to your customers, fostering trust, loyalty, and genuine connection.

A professional and credible financial institution has professional and credible staff. Make sure your front-line team exude confidence and competency with badges that speak louder than words. Your employees will convey your brand’s image in an inviting and professional way that make customers feel like they’re in the right place.

Accessories such as badge talkers enable you to communicate even further with your clientele. You can use them to facilitate employee recognition so that your staff feel appreciated and your customers feel at ease. Or, use them to promote messaging such as mortgage options, student loans or visa travel point promotions.

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Name Badges for Financial Service Industry

A name badge is an opportunity:  our badge and signage systems provide a unique opportunity to expand marketing real estate and ensure that your branding and corporate imagery remain consistent across all branch locations. Cultivate a cohesive aesthetic that communicates who you are with our diverse name badge and signage options. .  

Cost-effective & Sustainable: by reusing name badge and sign components, you won’t have to purchase new materials after each new hire or change in signage. You’ll save an average of 30% on identification, while reducing your waste output and limiting your carbon footprint.

Safety & Sanitization: our name badges and signs can be easily disassembled, allowing you to do a thorough clean of each and every surface before re-use.  

Customizable solutions: our engraved, Luxe badges create a sleek look that banking institutions have traditionally enjoyed. But our name badge and signage options don’t end there. With Imprint Plus’ reusable banking name badge system, you can achieve a proficient and experienced look from the comfort and convenience of your own desktop or smartphone.

Total convenience: there’s no trade off - our badges look polished and professionally engraved, yet they still offer the convenience of in-house creation. By choosing Imprint Plus, companies in the banking industry know they’ll deliver the best possible service to their customers.


Name Badges

Reusable name badgeReusable name badge



reusable plastic signreusable plastic sign



Badge Talkers

Social distance badge talkerSocial distance badge talker





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