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Imprint Plus: The Leader in Personalized Name Badges & Unique Identification

Trust Imprint Plus for personalized name badges and unique identifications. Submit the form for a free, customized quote from our experts.

Embrace Sustainability: Choose Reusable Badges and Nameplates

At Imprint Plus, we don't just lead the way; we're the sole creators of The Mighty Badge™. Our unique product is a reusable badge system that lets you seamlessly design and print name badges using any office computer and printer. Designed for longevity, our badges save you money over time and help you cut down on your environmental impact. Explore our sustainable selection - reusable badges, name plates, signage, and eco-friendly options like bamboo and eco-badges, all crafted to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

different shapes and materials of name tags and name badgesdifferent shapes and materials of name tags and name badges

Leading Supplier of Customized Badging & Unique Identification Solutions

Since 1982, Imprint Plus has served 77,000 businesses across 90 countries, including 477 government departments, with innovative, customizable identification solutions. Our commitment to quality, understanding of industry regulations, and seamless service delivery showcases our dedication to excellence, earning trust among esteemed partners like AAFES, NEXCOM, and the Department of Defense Lodging.

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Since 1982, leading brands have turned to us for name badges and identification solutions.

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A lady wearing a name badge and other accessories.A lady wearing a name badge and other accessories.

Unique, Sustainable Identification Solutions for Military Institutions.

Imprint Plus specializes in custom identification solutions tailored to the military and defense sectors to meet precise branding goals while upholding high security and compliance standards. Our on-site badging solutions are reusable and cost-effective, enabling you to present a polished professional image that aligns with brand guidelines. Our extensive selection of name badge accessories, including badge talkers and medallions, fosters employee recognition and inclusivity by featuring aspects such as language, diversity, pronouns, and years of service.

Premier Identification Solutions for Enhanced Security in Government Sectors. 

Imprint Plus is committed to enhancing governmental prestige and visibility, offering unique identification solutions designed for brand compliance, essential identification needs, and optimal cost-efficiency. Our reusable on-site solutions offer the flexibility to produce engraved-style badges directly from your PC and printer, ensuring brand consistency. We provide specialized accessories to acknowledge employee achievements, celebrate diversity and connect with customers in languages, nationalities, cultures, and training statuses.

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Facilitating Dynamic and Efficient Communication 

Table Top Signs by Imprint Plus prioritize key information aiding in creating a compliant office environment. These versatile tools can be adapted and changed to frequent updates, allowing new messages to be printed using any standard office computer or printer. Our design software guarantees that your signs align impeccably with your organization's branding protocols. Table Top Signs can be utilized effectively for showcasing QR codes, presenting menu selections, pinpointing office zones, and displaying any other operational schedule details

Maximize Savings with Eco-Friendly Reusable Name Badges

Think sustainable options are always pricey? Think again! Our reusable name badges offer an affordable, eco-conscious choice that doesn’t sacrifice function or style. With the ability to craft professional-grade name badges at your fingertips using simple office equipment, you save money and decrease waste while maintaining a sleek, professional look. Discover how our signature badges can cut your business expenses by up to 30%.