Name Badges & Identification Solutions For Parks and Recreation

A man wearing a red shirt and hat poses in front of a ferris wheel, displaying name badges.A man wearing a red shirt and hat poses in front of a ferris wheel, displaying name badges.

Imprint Plus: Your Trusted Partner for Custom Name Badges & Unique Identification

Need custom name badges and unique identification solutions for your brand? Fill out the form, and our experts will reach out to explore your requirements and deliver a personalized, free quote tailored to your business.

Shape an Unforgettable Parks & Recreation Experience

Experience the lasting impact of premium, branded name badges within your parks and recreational centers. We deliver outstanding quality name tags with a broad range of customization options, specially designed to meet the unique branding needs of parks and recreational facilities. Tailor them to showcase your brand's spirit through various personalization choices, including branded logos, specific designations, custom shapes, and vibrant full-color printing. Our name badges stand out for their ease of reusability; an efficient on-site system enables the quick creation and distribution of professional name tags, strengthening team unity and brand visibility. Depend on the leading solution for staff identification to improve visitor engagement and reinforce your brand presence.

Variety of name badges in different colors for easy recognition.Variety of name badges in different colors for easy recognition.

Trusted provider of name badges & unique identification solutions

Since 1982, Imprint Plus has been a trusted partner in offering unique identification products specifically crafted for parks and recreational environments. With an impressive history of assisting 77,000 businesses across 90 countries, our expertise lies in supplying custom name tags, signage, badge accessories, and more. Catering to both individual parks and expansive networks, our experts guarantee smooth integration of badge programs, complemented by outstanding customer support to ensure a stress-free process. Our on-site solutions are adaptable and of superior quality, empowering you to seamlessly produce professional-looking park badges instantly. We're committed to delivering personalized, sustainable, and high-quality products to enhance guest engagement and experience.

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I had a great experience with Imprint Plus. Omar responded quickly and sent order. Thank you so much and definitely we will order again.

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The process was very smooth. Weng is knowledgeable and has great customer service skills. It was a very good experience.

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Excellent customer service as well as fast & efficient.

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Woman in green uniform stands in front of house with name badge.Woman in green uniform stands in front of house with name badge.

Streamline Your Staff Onboarding with Instant Badge Printing

Quickly and effortlessly outfit seasonal staff in parks and recreation environments with our on-site custom badge printing services. Always stay on top of busy seasons and staffing changes by offering top-quality, branded name tags and name plates that make a strong impression on members and guests. Select our affordable and stylish on-site option with the Office Classic name badges, available in kits that are budget-friendly and come with frames in either red or black. Want a more premium on-site option? Choose our signature system, The Mighty Badge™ - a reusable and hassle-free solution that allows for quick creation of engraved looking name badges right at your location.

Park Experiences Made Richer with Vibrant Badge Accessories

Transform every visit into a unique adventure using our badge accessories. Communicate effectively and enhance customer relations with our name badge talkers. They’re a dynamic way to showcase offers, celebrate diversity, expertise and kickstart special initiatives. Pick from trendy designs – flags, languages, pronouns, promotional campaigns, and more. With a peel-and-stick adhesive, attaching the badge talker to any type of name tag is a breeze, instantly transforming it into an attention-grabbing identification tool. Our custom buttons, with their bright and vibrant appeal, can be a great addition to giveaways and rewards, turning every event into a memorable experience. Show appreciation with personalized lapel pins and commemorative medallions, adding a touch of celebration to every milestone. They’re perfect for celebrating years of service, achievements, and enhancing workplace culture. These accessories are key to unforgettable brand encounters, ensuring your park's brand is visually communicated and cherished.

Man with shirt and hat by river, with name badge accessories.Man with shirt and hat by river, with name badge accessories.
A man stands beside a giraffe wearing a sustainability name badge.A man stands beside a giraffe wearing a sustainability name badge.

Durable Designs for Demanding Parks: Style, Savings and Sustainability

Imprint Plus offers durable, budget-friendly name badges and identification solutions, designed to meet the rigorous needs of park and recreation staff facing the outdoor elements. Imprint Plus products are built for longevity, seamlessly blending style and durability. The diverse product range, including name badges, employee recognition items, and badge accessories, all symbolize an unwavering commitment to excellence. The Mighty Badge™, an eco-friendly reusable system, provides rapid, on-site branding—ideal during peak staffing or volunteer surges. Every Imprint Plus product is an investment that pays off with longevity. Branded name tags are made with top-quality materials and high standards and shipped quickly for convenience.

Employee Engagement: Personalized Name Badges Build Belonging

Discover how simple, personalized employee name tags can transform your workplace. Beyond identification, they celebrate individuality, enhance communication, and foster a vibrant culture of belonging. Learn how this small tool can have a big impact on morale, teamwork, and overall employee satisfaction.

Employee engagement fostering a sense of belonging within the workplace, promoting collaboration and productivity.Employee engagement fostering a sense of belonging within the workplace, promoting collaboration and productivity.