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The Mighty Badge™ Speaks Your Story.

The Mighty Badge™ is a versatile name badge that makes the first connection - it does the talking even before you do. Communicate your brand values with a badge design that keeps your employees looking sharp, cohesive, and consistent. It gives you an opportunity to chat and make an everlasting impression. It’s the first step to help you create memories and leave an impact.

The Mighty Badge™ has inspired happier workplaces and loyal communities of customers worldwide. The Mighty Badge™ is the result of over 30 years of innovation and customer feedback. Every component has been tried, tested, and refined to achieve the most professional, stylish reusable name badge on the market. 

The Mighty Badge™ Speaks Your Story.

 A versatile name badge that makes the first connection 


Reuse badge components over time.


Save cost of replacement and freight.


Made with high-quality and durable materials.


Variety of colors, shapes, sizes, materials.

Simple Steps to Create Impact with The Mighty Badge™

1. Design

Our software allows each badge to be designed, printed, and assembled, using just a printer and a computer.

2. Print

No wait times, no order complications. Design, and print your name badge instantly. 

3. Assemble

Peel the insert from the sheet and place it into the Lenscover. Snap in the metal backplate and your badge is ready.

4. Reuse

Each name badge comprises reusable components that can be reused over time. 

Badge Components

1. The polycarbonate Lenscover is crystal clear and shatter-resistant.

2. Re- printable insert sheets are easy to peel, adhesive-free, and promote reusability.

3. The thick metal backplates are durable, bend resistant, and made to last.

4. Pin and magnetic fasteners are designed with comfort in mind guaranteed to hold the badge in place.

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