Name Badges & Identification Solutions For banks and Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Establish a positive and approachable environment that facilitates long-lasting client relationships at your financial institution. To make your personal connections last a lifetime, you need to build a strong bond within your community. Imprint Plus helps you provide a more personalized experience to visitors and partners. With our diverse selection of name badges and accessories, you can create an aesthetic that fits your institution's values. We provide high-end name badges, financial identification tags, and signage systems to help you connect personally with prospects and members. Invest in a well-rounded identification program that is approachable and built on loyal relationships with clients.

mighty badges for banks and credit unionsmighty badges for banks and credit unions

Mighty Badges

The Mighty Badge effectively communicates your brand values that keep your financial team looking sharp, professional, and cohesive. It is an eco-friendly solution that helps reduce overall costs.

reusable name badges bankingreusable name badges banking

Reusable Name Badges

Our reusable name badges consist of reusable components that can be used again and again. Simply switch out the old insert for a new one, and your name badge is redesigned.

eco-badges for banks and credit unionseco-badges for banks and credit unions


Show off your corporate image with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution that can be tailored to your specifications. Eco-badges help you portray your brand while keeping the cost down.

badge talkers for banks and credit unionsbadge talkers for banks and credit unions

Badge Talkers

You can use this fun accessory to display unique messages and advertise things such as bilingual messages, mortgage deals, loan offers, special dates, or investment programs.

National Banks

When dealing with wealth and finances, details are everything. The best way to instill confidence in your customers is to have an integrated name badge and identification policy, which instantly assures customers of your credibility. By providing easy-to-order, highly customizable products, Imprint Plus helps your bank create an impressive impression every time. 

Did you know?

  • In 2 years we’ve equipped banks with 13K Badge Talkers to enhance communication.
  • Banks and financial institutions have invested in our eco-friendly solution and over 96% of the badges they purchase are reusable.
permanent badges for bankingpermanent badges for banking

Permanent Badges

Permanent badges provide your establishment with the reliability and prominence that you can trust for a long-lasting appearance. Durable, visually appealing, and made with the highest quality materials and components.

engraved badges for bankingengraved badges for banking

Engraved Badges

A show-stopper, our engraved badges impart a flawless polished look to any bank or financial establishment. The engraved badges we create deliver a sleek high-end look that embodies the principles of your national bank or financial firm.

reusable nametags bankingreusable nametags banking

Reusable Badges

Our reusable name badge system allows you to design, print, and assemble professional-quality name badges using just a printer and a computer. Durable and eco-friendly components make it easy to maintain brand consistency.

Office signs for banking and credit unionsOffice signs for banking and credit unions

Office Signage

With properly placed desk or door plates, you can highlight names, job titles, or specific locations. Our signs come in either permanent or reusable options, plus you can customize them to match your specific needs.

Whenever you need name badges or signs on-site, rely on our reusable on-site printing solutions. We offer a cost-effective and time-saving system that enables you to quickly identify bank staff, bank tellers, financial officers, and bank visitors. With only a PC and printer, it is possible to create brand-compliant identity solutions virtually anywhere. Create striking name badges or signs, in minutes, for your bank or financial institution.

Dependable On-Site Solutions

Easily configure name badges to meet brand standards in minutes from anywhere.

sneeze guard retailsneeze guard retail

Celebrate and Reward Your Employees!

Your staff deserves recognition for their hard work and loyalty. Show them how much you value their contributions by recognizing their efforts and rewarding them for their work. Imprint Plus lets you seamlessly integrate into an existing employee recognition program or create a new one entirely. Keep your employees engaged and motivated with reward medallions, lapel pins, and badge talkers. Boost employee morale by providing seasonal badge talkers or language-spoken badge talkers


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