Name Badges & Identification Solutions For Casinos

Give your customers an exceptional casino experience.

Ensure a sophisticated and thrilling guest experience with safe and unique features everyone can enjoy.

Shine the Spotlight On Your Employees

Make your employees shine and keep them motivated to do their best work. To nurture guest relationships and maintain connections, having a photo identification card is a great idea. Our ID membership cards are an effective engagement tool to ignite conversations between visitors and staff. Make sure your clients feel comfortable with every interaction. 

A Great Experience Starts With Safety

Imprint Plus safety signs are top-quality and custom-made to deliver a dependable and memorable impression. They are a great way to communicate your facility guidelines and safety regulations while making sure your location looks great. We’ve got a wide range of safety decals, sneeze guards, and social distancing signs to help convey vital information to guests and enhance the success of your business.

sneeze guard retailsneeze guard retail

Everything you need to create a great user-experience.

Keep your store environment clean and safe with these indispensable safety supplies.

Safe and Secure Recovery Plan - Hotels and Casinos 

What are the ways in which hotel and casino properties have adapted their premises and protocols to meet the new standard? Read more.

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