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Let’s get back to learning more safely!

Enhance communication and boost the learning experience with unique identification products that make a lasting impact.

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Safer, more connected spaces that foster connections.

We interviewed 5 Educational Experts on how educational institutions are supporting meaningful connections and learning. They share their best practices, solutions, and tools that promote a safe and wholesome academic environment.

Imprint Plus is your online destination for all styles of professional signs that engage, connect and maintain a consistent brand image. Customize them to create a phenomenal product that is unique to your vision and institution.

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Champion diversity and inclusion at every step.

Invest in an inclusive culture with creative and professional ways to spark conversations and make powerful connections. Embrace the robust and collaborative spirit of our unique products.

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"Yes, the badges are great thanks. After a very busy period at the Lancaster Suite, I finally managed to get round to making all the badges which look just as good as the ones that we used to pay a great deal for on previous occasions. Many Thanks"

Matthew Ralph, Brunel University


"We love our name badges and so does everyone else on campus!!! "

Andrea, Wayne State University, Office of Housing & Residential Life


"Many thanks to the Imprint Plus team….The service and response received are always VERY PROFESSIONAL AND PROMPT. I must say, Imprint Plus PRIDES themselves with taking care of the customer and providing a quality product! Through an online shopping website, Imprint Plus is able to supply badges to each of our facilities around the world."

Vaughn Gallacher, Business Program Specialist, AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Services


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