The Mighty Classic Sign Insert Sheets

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About The Mighty Classic Sign Insert Sheets

The peel-off insert sheet for The Mighty Classic Metal Sign offers easy assembly and a timeless look. Every sheet comes with three durable inserts, each featuring a tab that allows for easy removal. Simply peel off your insert, slide it into your metal sign, and just like that, your name will be displayed with professional elegance.

The Mighty Classic Metal Sign are available in two sizes: 2 x 8 inches and 2 x 10 inches, in transparent or paper materials, and can accommodate both laser and inkjet printers. Designed for ease of use, these inserts offer an efficient way to enhance your office space with quality signage.


Key Benefits

Flexible: No more shipping fees, wait times or order complications - by printing your badges on-site, you’ll have your signs right when you need them.


Cost-effective: Limit costs by reusing badge components from employee to employee.


Attractive: This trusted insert is essential to ensuring the elegant and polished look of your sign.