Two women standing in front of a restaurant, wearing employee uniforms and name tags.

There are numerous benefits to a professional-looking employee uniform, especially when you achieve a high level of participation among employees.

But the uniform goes beyond what your company issues and what is specified in your official manuals or guides. There are other approaches you can take to make your employee uniforms come to life.

Many of these are cost-effective, and small changes can complete a uniform, both aesthetically and practically. Start here.

Magnetic Badge Holders

This first enhancement is an entirely behind-the-scenes move, but one that will benefit both you and your employees.

Our custom name badges are configurable with either pin fasteners or magnetic badge holders. In many instances, the latter makes a prime choice.

For one, magnetic badge holders inflict no damage to the fabric from which your employee uniforms are made. They are made from durable magnets that will last for many years, and they have no moving parts that can break.

Most importantly, pin fasteners require you to poke a hole in the uniform, which over time will damage it. Magnetic badge holders don’t.

Also, magnetic badge holders are beneficial for employees that have motor disabilities as well as arthritis, making them more inclusive and employee-friendly.

So consider this the next time you are redesigning your employee name badges.

Add a Badge Talker

A badge talker is a simple badge accessory that enhances the utility and appearance of an employee name badge, and which can be easily and cost-effectively added to the uniform.

Here we offer a wide range of badge talkers, including but not limited to talkers that communicate employee skills (like multilinguality or in-training status) as well as talkers that express seasonal greetings.

Name badge talkers can be a highly effective method for improving the employee-customer experience, adding a new and informative dimension to each uniform, and one that can be customized.

You can also use badge talkers to communicate special pricing, boost interactions, promote new product or service launches, and so much more. They are especially effective for raising awareness passively about sales and promotions.

All in all, badge talkers can elevate the customer experience and communicate value - see our previous blog on the utility of badge talkers for more information.

Add a Custom Lapel Pin

Custom lapel pins are another nice way to add a gentle accent to your employee uniforms, and like badge talkers can be added effortlessly and inexpensively.

One great way to make use of lapel pins is to issue them based on seniority and years of service. This will not only improve the glamor of your uniforms, but advertise the culture of work your organization produces that has yielded long tenures of service - making customers feel as if they’re in good hands.

We also sell teamwork and seasonal lapel pins that, like badge talkers, can be used to send greetings and well-wishes.

Imprint Plus also makes it possible to completely customize lapel pins - whatever it is you want to celebrate or communicate, you can do so with a set of fully personalized lapel pins perfect for your organization.

One note on lapel pins - if you do issue them, in order to keep your employee uniform looking as professional as possible, give your employees guidelines on where on the lapel they should be displayed.

Name Badge Medallions

Name badge medallions offer a lot of the same general benefits and utility as lapel pins, just in a different format, as these are designed to be added directly to customized name badges rather than to a uniform’s lapel.

Even so, they offer a lot of flexibility with respect to sending messaging or increasing the overall professionalism of your employee uniforms. Like lapel pins, they can be used to celebrate employee achievements like accreditation, certification, or years of service.

We also sell employee reward medallions and star medallions which can be used to boost morale and the overall appearance of your uniforms.

Mix and match these to create a fuller, more cohesive employee uniform that will improve the customer experience by encouraging confidence and communicating essential information about capabilities and service.

Custom Buttons

Custom buttons are one last way to communicate essential messages, spread seasonal cheer, or just to improve uniform branding with logos or slogans.

These buttons are customizable in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They’re made from steel and aluminum for durability and feature a glossy mylar face. They also affix easily to most uniforms thanks to their intuitive pin fastener, and are extremely affordable - even as badge accessories go.

They’re endlessly customizable, and the best part is they’re not just great for customizing employee uniforms, they can be given out as promotional items to spread brand awareness at fundraisers, trade shows, and other similar events.

Benefits of a Well-Arranged Employee Uniform

You can use any or all of these badge accessories to create a more professional looking, standardized, and cohesive set of employee uniforms, which in and of itself has several benefits.

For instance, professional employee uniforms:

  • Makes your staff easily identifiable
  • Can improve employee morale and customer trust
  • Can improve security
  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork
  • Can improve branding and brand image
  • Can promote company pride
  • And, when paired with any of the badge accessories mentioned here, can make your uniforms appear more polished and communicate essential information that the uniform and name badge on their own would not

Of course this is just a short list - there are many other potential benefits. For more information, please see our previous blogs on the value of custom name badges and employee uniforms in general.

Start Here with Custom Badges, Lapel Pins, and Other Badge Accessories

Getting started designing and creating your own custom name badges, badge talkers, lapel pins and other accessories is easy with our help. We offer the use of free design tools and our professionals are more than happy to help.

If you have questions about where or how to get started, get in touch with us - we’ll be happy to respond within one business day.