social distancing floor decals

Now more than ever businesses are looking at social distancing floor decals as an effective and efficient way to organize customers in their restaurants or shops. It is a simple addition to a property that comes with many great advantages. Here are some of the main benefits your business can experience when using social distancing floor stickers.

Promotes Safety & Comfort of Guests

By providing your customers with helpful floor guides, you are creating a much more comfortable atmosphere for them to appreciate. Without social distancing floor decals, customers will often crowd around each other while in line to make a purchase. This can be incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable for many of your guests, even if they do not verbalize it. It is up to you to preempt their concerns and make the environment more inviting in any way you can.

With floor decals, you can reduce the amount of crowding your customers experience in the queue and encourage them to space themselves out more appropriately. This is much more comfortable for those who feel anxiety in large crowds or when their personal space is being limited. Your staff are also put in a better position because they will be able to refer customers to the floor guides when directing foot traffic.

In addition to more general concerns, your customers may have apprehensions relating to the health risks that come with people crowding around each other in public. This could be an issue during cold and flu seasons especially. These actions create an environment that respects personal space, which is excellent for the safety and comfort of your customers.

comfort of your customers

Adds to the Location’s Atmosphere

When business owners contemplate possibilities for in-store decorations, one feature they often overlook is the floor. The walls and shelves may already be put to use, but the flooring is still available to be decorated in some way. You should consider this a great opportunity to dress up the property in a way that feels subtle and not overly done.

With social distancing floor decals, you can customize the design to integrate your branding into the message. You might initially see these floor stickers as being fully utilitarian, but you will quickly see that this is a new area to display branding. At Imprint Plus, we allow our customers to customize the designs of their floor stickers to anything they want. This means you can incorporate your company’s branding into the design through the use of wording or colors.

Take advantage of floor space and this opportunity to inject some of the company’s branding into the design. We give you lots of freedom to create your own design, so feel free to think outside the box.

Uses Resources Effectively

All things considered, designing and adopting social distancing floor decals into your business’s layout can be a great use of your resources. In business, you want to utilize your resources as efficiently as possible so that you get the most out of the least. Your resources, of course, being time, money, labor, physical space, etc. Using floor stickers allows you to do just that.

With floor stickers, you do not have to do very much in order to see benefits. They are relatively affordable compared to other forms of decoration, and they take little time or effort to have them designed and installed in the property.

Essentially, the main effort comes down to designing them and mapping out where they will go. You should space them out a good amount and have that spacing be consistent throughout the floor map. Most likely, they will start at the checkout area and end wherever you normally notice the queue ends.

The design of your social distancing floor decals can be very simple and direct in its messaging, so this step can be as quick as you want it to be. If you decide you should purchase customized floor decals, you have to determine what you want them to say and what colors you want for them. Give this some consideration, run the design by someone else on the team, and you should be all set to move forward.

The last element to consider is the installation, which will only take moments. Our vinyl floor decals are fast and easy to install. You also don’t need to worry about any harsh fumes, since the adhesive requires no drying time or paint. Once you find the clean, flat surface you want to place them on, you can peel off the backing, and set them down nice and smooth.

With little time or effort, you can have your own branded social distancing floor stickers applied. This process involves so little, yet it comes with all of the aforementioned benefits and is designed to last. Our vinyl decals are durable and able to last you a long time, even with all the foot traffic your business receives.

If you think that your business might enjoy any of the benefits that come with social distancing floor decals, we definitely recommend you take a look at your options. Check out our options for customized floor decals and imagine what you would like to see for your business.