the mighty badge

Our products are designed and developed to bring people together, facilitate communication, and empower relationships. They’re easy to use, and many of them are customizable. We place sustainability, quality, and service at the heart of our operations.

If you’re looking for a reusable name badge, we have a solution that is customizable, flexible, sustainably produced, and exhibits a high level of quality. The Mighty Badge is your perfect choice.

Why Use a Reusable Name Badge in the First Place?

Many responsible organizations are doing their part to improve sustainability and reduce their carbon footprints. Reusable name badges are another creative way your business can put its best foot forward. Utilizing reusable name badges can conserve resources, protect the planet from pollution, conserve wildlife, and save money - among many other virtues.

Thoughtful, Intuitive Construction

The Mighty Badge gives you full control over your badge design. It consists of a fastener (either a pin fastener or a magnetic fastener), a thick metal backplate, a re-printable label insert, and a tough polycarbonate cover.

The metal backplates are highly durable and built to last. They are bend-resistant and exhibit a high-quality construction that allows these reusable badges to be used for extended periods of time.

The polycarbonate covers we used to create The Mighty Badge are crystal clear and scratch-resistant, offering you the quality and appearance of glass at a lower price and with no risk of breakage.

Most importantly, the replaceable label insert gives you full control over your badge’s colors, appearance, design, names, and titles. Once you choose your badge's size, shape, and configuration, you can print the inserts to suit employee mobility, seasonal branding and messaging, and more.

A Variety of Designs and Sizes

The Mighty Badge is available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and shapes to suit your needs, ranging from small rectangles that are perfect as name badges to Large ID Rectangles that are perfect as a substitute for traditional ID badges.

We offer The Mighty Badge in the following shapes and sizes:

Extra Small Rectangle: .5x2”/1.27x5.08cm
Elongated Rectangle: .53x2.68”/1.58x6.8cm
Small Rectangle: .75x2.5”/1.9x6.35cm
Medium Rectangle: 1x3”/2.54x7.62cm
Medium Plus Rectangle: 1.5x3”/3.81x7.62cm
Large Rectangle: 1.5x2.75”/3.81x6.98cm
ID Rectangle: 2.12x3.37”/5.38x8.55

Square: 1.62x1.62”/4.11x4.11cm

Thin Oval: .95x2.75”/2.41x6.98cm
Small Oval: 1.28x1.97”/3.25x5cm
Large Oval: 1.7x2.57”/4.31x6.52cm

Scalability and Flexibility Built-In

The Mighty Badge is compatible with printable insert sheets that can be printed in bulk or one at a time, as needed, to update your staff badges.

Peel-off inserts enable you to create a sleek, professional look within seconds, save time and money, minimize waste, and are compatible with inkjet and laser printers.

Compatibility with Multiple Fasteners

The Mighty Badge comes with your choice of fasteners. While pin fasteners are durable, long-lasting, and easy to use, our magnetic fasteners are made with powerful, rare earth magnets and guaranteed to hold the name badges in place. They also have no small parts to wear out, will not damage expensive fabrics, and are suitable for those with fine motor impairments because they are easier to manipulate.

Spruce It Up. Add Value with The Mighty Badge Accessories.

The Mighty Badge can also be expanded with unique, proprietary accessories that allow you to take advantage of valuable marketing space.

Our Badge Talkers and iSpeak Badge Talkers are perfect for sending seasonal messages, customizing messaging, promoting branding, and advertising multi-linguistic skills. They are a great way to catch customer attention and engage with them!

We also offer decals, gem covers, lapel pins, and reward medallions that recognize employee success and contributions and help give The Mighty Badge a more customized, individualistic look!

Design Your Own or Work with Us!

Creating your own reusable name badges is easy, thanks to our NamePrintⓇ Graphics Design software that is easily accessible through the Cloud, no matter where you are!

It offers access to full-color photos and logos, custom typography, brand customization, barcodes, and more. You can even import data and use auto-align features to save time and money, enabling you to create new slip sheets for your Mighty Badges anywhere, anytime.

Our team is here to help! We offer free technical support with our NPG software, and you can also work with us directly to create your vision for custom badges.

Contact us at 800-563-2464 to learn more about how you can use The Mighty Badge for your organization!