Safe and Secure Recovery Plan - Hotels and Casinos - COVID-19

October 5th, 2021




The global hospitality and casinos industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Many hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts have felt the emptiness as governments and public health officials worked tirelessly to limit the spread of coronavirus. Recently, the time has come for these facilities to open and welcome visitors back. They're taking steps to create a renewed, safer experience for visitors.

The hospitality sector is ready to adapt to increasingly changing consumer behavior in order to recover. To build and maintain trust with customers, organizations are reimagining the customer experience and re-engaging with customers. In order to cope with the unforeseen effects of a global pandemic, organizations are required to continually improve their operational protocols and plans. We explore the measures put in place by companies to make reopening a solid success.





General Protocols


Many hotels and casinos are taking a holistic approach to safety. They are ensuring that each and every room, bar, restaurant, lounge, and seating area, is cleaned, and disinfected with approved industry-grade chemicals. These are a few of the steps they’re taking to enhance safety:

  • Sanitizing the property at full capacity.
  • Using industrial-grade disinfectant to fumigate the property.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of air handlers.
  • Sanitization stations are provided at almost every table or entrance.
  • Thorough cleaning of the floors throughout the property.



Restaurants and Bar Standards


Companies are working individually to protect their restaurants, bar, and lounge areas from the spread of coronavirus. Let’s look at the essential steps taken.

  • Repositioning of table configurations to allow for social distancing.
  • High-touch surfaces are being disinfected and sanitized at regular intervals.
  • Several features of the buffet have been suspended to lower the risk of contact.
  • Self-serve items or refill stations have been removed temporarily.
  • There is a reduced capacity for the number of people who can enter amenity areas - spa, lounge, pool, or fitness center.



Safer Premises, Better Experience


Hotels and casinos are following a strict disinfection schedule for all frequently touched items and areas. Social distancing decals, masks, and stickers have been positioned throughout the premises. In areas with high foot traffic, social distancing signs and sneeze guards are installed to serve as constant reminders to keep a safe distance. Hotels have also invested in a contactless check-in process for guests to enhance the experience.



Keeping Your Staff Ready to Thrive


Businesses are ensuring that their employees are well-equipped with tools that will allow them to do the best work while staying safe. Hotel and casino employees are required to follow strict physical distancing measures at all times. Staff who exhibit any symptoms of Coronavirus are required to stay home.

A number of companies provide appropriate PPE to all employees based on their job duties and positions. Each time a visitor or guest enters the property, their body temperature is checked. A number of hotels are using walk-through temperature scanners to monitor and provide testing accuracy. All employees are required to limit face-to-face contact with guests, refrain from entering occupied rooms, and follow a contactless delivery protocol.



Safety and Trust Go Hand-in-Hand


To make sure your premises are in good hands here are unique items you can use to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff.

  1. Distancing Signage
  2. Distancing Floor Decals
  3. Counter Sneeze Guards
  4. Face Masks Touchless
  5. Door/Button Tool 4-Way Sneeze Guards
  6. Social Distancing Signs
  7. Sneeze Guards Walls

What measures have your local casino or hotel put in place? Share your thoughts on what you think is a better way to keep premises safe. Head to our social platforms and join the conversation.