Name Badges & Identification Solutions For healthcare

Provide your healthcare staff with the right identification

Name badges and identification products that allow visitors and patients to know who they’re dealing with. Simple, safe, and easy-to-use products that are meant to withstand the challenging routines of your medical team and inspire patient confidence. When caring for others is your mission, choose quality products. You need unique products that reflect your dedication and commitment to care. The Imprint Plus ID solutions and name badges meet all industry requirements for your medical team that are visually appealing and durable.

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 ID Membership Cards

Where patient care is all that matters, the highly visible and functional membership badges are essential to frontline healthcare workers and those dealing with the severities of the hospital environment.

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Designed from the highest quality plastic, our Eco-Badges are an affordable and convenient solution.  This shock-resistant and enduring plastic badge can be easily worn and feels lightweight.

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Permanent Name Badges

When you require a comfortable fit that will last for long hours our permanent name badges give you the reliability and prominence that you can trust. We offer a range of fasteners so that you can work comfortably during your workday shifts. 

Plastic Custom-Cut Badges for CasinosPlastic Custom-Cut Badges for Casinos

Bamboo Name Badges

Embrace your healthcare brand with an eye-catching, eco-friendly name badge solution that combines eco-conscious high-quality material with engraved craftsmanship and antimicrobial properties.

Ensure that patients feel safe when interacting with your care team.

We’ve got reliable and easy to apply ID solutions for caregivers, hospital staff, retirement homes, and long-term healthcare facilities. Available with extra strong fasteners and clear visual aids. In keeping with hygiene and sterilization standards, our name tags are easy to clean and come in a variety of materials - acrylic, metal, or plastic. They are safe to use by doctors, nurses, pharmacies, and care workers.

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Large Font Name Badges

Your patients are a top priority! Selecting a large-sized font or a brightly colored background allows them to feel comfortable when they know who is assisting them.

Badge talkers for casinosBadge talkers for casinos

Badges Talkers

The slender and oval shape of our badge talkers is a great addition to any name badge and helps to show off the personality of your care team. Bring a bit of fun to your health staff's routine and brighten their mood.

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Office Signage

Reliable and appealing office signs increase patients' trust in your healthcare team and medical facility. Carefully placed, patient safety is ensured with signs directing them to the right spot.

Signage for casinosSignage for casinos

Large Photo Badges

Help identify, utilize and give access to your medical team when safety it's critical. Large photo id badges can be used for access control, attendance, and staff location tracking.

To provide the best possible care to patients, medical practices and healthcare teams must be properly prepared for any challenges that may arise during their shift. Even the most modest medical practice can benefit from obtaining fast and easy photo ID cards for their staff and members. Now you can print personalized member cards quickly with our unique on-site solutions ready to use and made to last. Using a computer and printer, you can create your own name badges in minutes at any healthcare facility.

Easy and convenient on-site solutions

Instantly create name badges in minutes that meet brand standards from any location.

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Reward and Celebrate Your Staff!

Celebrate and reward the hard work and effort of healthcare workers and medical staff with recognition products, lapels, and medallions. The staff works so hard for you, and now is the time to make sure they are motivated and get the recognition they deserve to continue to deliver the highest quality of service at your facility.


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