About Imprint Plus™

About Imprint Plus™
North America’s #1 Name Badge Supplier

Free Your Identity with Name Badges by Imprint Plus

At Imprint Plus™ we believe that name badges, name badge components, name badge printing software, and corporate ID products, are all sales of an extremely personal nature. We’re in the business of helping individuals and businesses define and communicate their unique identities. Not only does the brand need the right look and feel, but it also has to convey a message and values, which is no small feat. But, despite this, the decision about name badges was historically based on the cost per badge. So, Imprint Plus™ had to strike a balance between quality and cost. Everyone loved the sleek, professional name badges from Imprint Plus™, but the system also had to be affordable in order to win over customers.

Imprint Plus™ designs, develops, manufactures and distributes multiple identification products. Its signature product is The Reusable Name Badge, a “Do-It-Yourself” badge system that includes proprietary components and copyrighted name badge printing software. Imprint Plus™ is and always has been known as an innovator in name badge design and development. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we’ve been deeply committed to manufacturing top quality, premium products that are at the cutting edge of design and technology.

The corporate vision for Imprint Plus™ is for the brand to define and “own” the professional and reusable name badges market category. Simply put, we intend to dominate the professional name badge category, both in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors.

Name Badge Purchasing

Historically, name badge purchasing was predominantly based on cost per badge. Most name badge buyers felt there was little or no distinction between the different badge companies and styles. The name badges were last minute purchases, and engraving or window badges with paper inserts were the standard fare. The smaller companies often purchased at a “Mom and Pop” local key shop or ad specialty company which could run up to $12 per badge. The larger companies bought individual badges engraved internally from a central location to shipped to each location, or used pre-molded plastic forms with paper or tape inserts.

3 Trends that Have Helped Imprint Plus™ Grow

Fortunately, three popular business trends have assisted in strengthening and growing Imprint Plus:

1. Branding
2. Customer Experience
3. Green

Branding: A concept that is critical in market positioning for most companies, which many companies implemented in regards to their name badge programs. As the emphasis on branding increased, many companies began to recognize that the name badge was a critical piece of their branding collateral, especially as it was often the only connector between the employee and the customer. Companies in all industries began to understand an employee’s impact on a brand; the staff’s attitude, style and physical look was communicating a message to the customers whether they liked it or not. As branding grew more important, so did name badge craftsmanship and styling.

Choosing the “perfect” individual to represent a company and its core philosophies is nearly impossible. It’s also incredibly challenging and costly to train new staff to be “brand-right,” especially in industries with high turnover. It became obvious that companies had to find new tools to help them control the message that employees were putting out to customers. This tool for their toolboxes was personalized, branded, polished name badges from Imprint Plus™.

Customer Experience: Industries such as hospitality, banking, and retail positively impacted the development of on-site badge creation. With high employee turnover and seasonal staff, a quick, affordable and instant solution was needed to keep staff branded and easily identifiable. Customers like to feel a connection with the person serving them; this has become particularly relevant in a world of technology where online shopping, text messaging, and overall self-service are standard fare. Personal service begins with a name, and Imprint Plus™ name badges assist in building instant connections, and strengthening the customer experience. This philosophy on personal service has become a focus for businesses that consider their customer’s experience critical to brand loyalty.

Green: The third trend is the interest in sustainable, green products,which fits extremely well with the reusable nature Imprint Plus™ products. Many badges that boasted reusability featured adhesive labels that had to be scraped off before the badges could be cleaned and reused; It became less expensive and time consuming to throw the product away. All Imprint Plus™ name badge components are reusable, and many are recyclable. Our product was designed for the purchase of components to supplement the original supply.

It has been easy to position and reposition the Imprint Plus™ reusable name badge programs to adapt to industry trends, and hold the attention of industry leaders across sectors. Over the past five years we have become an exclusive, endorsed or preferred vendor to many key companies including Macy’s, Walgreen’s, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Wynn Resorts, and others. The next phase for Imprint Plus™ will be to dig deeper in to the industries that have front line employees or a requirement to network, and offer our product line either directly, or indirectly, to business at large.

Industries We Serve

Our customer base spans across 21 industries. Industries currently serviced include: Hospitality, hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, cruise lines, casinos, chain and department stores, boutiques, financial service centers, parks and recreation centers, theme parks and attractions, government agencies, spas, health care facilities and any business with customer contact, networking, or front line servicing. We are proud to partner with Fortune 500 Companies such as Walgreen’s, Macy’s, Marriott, Aramark and UPS.

Our Locations

Our head office is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and we operate satellite offices in Ontario, Florida, and the UK. All of our products are created out of our head office to maintain quality control. Our production department employs approximately 25 employees, and our warehouse/factory houses countless pieces of equipment ranging from screen-printing, to metal punching, to engraving machines. We are committed to continuously developing new ways to meet your needs in terms of logo re-creation and more.